Search engine torrent sites - Profit Hunter

Search engine torrent sites - Profit Hunter Surely you use a torrent from time to time. And, most likely, you sometimes need to find something in it. To maximize the process of finding the right book, song, clip or program, use the meta-search engine YouTorrent. This search engine combines 10 major torrent search engines, and despite the fact that it is only a month or more, it currently runs about 300k search queries per day.

This is how it looks from the inside:

Search engine torrent sites - Profit Hunter


  1. Search window.
  2. List of used torrent search engines.
  3. A list of similar requests (you can use it when selecting keywords, although free Wordtracker is undoubtedly better).
  4. A list of the most popular queries (with its help you can find out which media content and software are in the greatest demand).
  5. Search results.

If you use FireFox, you can install a special toolbar that will allow you to use YouTorrent directly from your browser.


Meanwhile, Yahoo! put nofollow on the links in the description of the photos and screenshots published on Flickr.

Search engine torrent sites - Profit Hunter

The same applies to links to third-party resources in the comments. Although animated images still seem to give reference weight. (See the fluttering butterfly here.)


Wordze distributes the base with keywords from Google Hot Trends. The database has been running since January 8, 2008, with more than 113700 keywords and phrases. In addition to the key phrases themselves, the list indicates the position of the phrases in the top and the time when they hit the top. To get the base, enter your name and e-mail on this page.

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