Scheme earnings on bulletin boards - 30 000 p. per month

It is not necessary to invest money on the Internet or to be professionals in order to earn money. Sometimes you just need to spend a little time and use the working scheme.

All popular sites are already actively used for work, but in different ways. Now we will tell about one interesting method.

The clever way to make money on bulletin boards we found on the Internet. It is not new, but so far it is not being actively used. You can become an intermediary in transactions for the purchase and sale of goods via the Internet.

All that is required is to find a profitable offer, make your mark-up, negotiate with the seller and find a buyer .

Scheme earnings on bulletin boards - 30 000 p. per month

Earnings from Avito and through other bulletin boards

Thousands of different offers appear every day on bulletin boards. Some products are cheaper.

Having caught such an ad, I want to buy a product in order to resell it later. What if there is no money? Contact the seller and offer a sale at a higher price.

Read about earnings on Avito, through a popular service, you can earn in various ways.

Everything is extremely simple, contact details are always open. You need to write to the person with the offer to give you some of the money from the transaction, if you attract a buyer.

If the answer is yes, you can start looking for buyers. To do this, there are lots of ways, both paid and free.

The scheme is not new, far from ideal, but working. When testing it, many agreed to use the services of speculators. Indeed, in the real estate market or cars, this has long been used.

Why not try making money on bulletin boards with ordinary goods (laptops, smartphones, etc.).

Instructions for earnings on bulletin boards

First you need to find ads in which you can actually make a mark. The amount depends on the value of the goods.

For example, if this is a smartphone worth 7-15 thousand rubles, the commission of 500 rubles will not be so noticeable. The main thing is to agree in advance with the seller that he will get more money in his hands and give them a part to you.

To make your offer more convincing, offer him a bonus. For example, if the goods cost 10,000 rubles, and you sell it for 11,000 and ask only 500 rubles to transfer it to your account.

About this method was written on one of the forums, the author claimed that he earns at least 30,000 rubles each month. But he has to work actively and spend a lot of time.

We decided to test everything and contact some vendors. First, we found an ad for Vkontakte:

Scheme earnings on bulletin boards - 30 000 p. per month

Of the 10 people to whom the offer was sent, only 5 answered, two refused, 3s agreed. Commission everywhere exhibited at 500 rubles, and the goods were chosen with a cost of 5 to 20 000 rubles.

We also went through and wrote off with some sellers, out of 10 messages, 7 received a response, but only 3 people agreed to pay the commission:

Scheme earnings on bulletin boards - 30 000 p. per month

The seller can be faster sell the goods at the price specified in the ad, the buyer finds the right product, and the middleman takes his interest for helping both parties.

It is practiced in all niches and brings a good income. The truth will take a lot of time, and sometimes no money will be sent to you.

Earnings on bulletin boards without sales

Studying ways to make money on bulletin boards, almost everywhere they write about opening their own store, contributions to buying a cheap product, and so on.

After all, not everyone has start-up capital, and you can search for profitable offers and send messages to sellers absolutely free.

In fact, you will not sell anything, but you will need to actively distribute your ad.

The main thing is not to give a direct link to potential buyers. Let them get in touch with you, only then give the phone number of the seller and explain that during the conversation he should say that he came according to your recommendation.

With a surcharge, do not overdo it, the product must remain attractive to the buyer. Gradually, when you have already added different social groups. networks and other bulletin boards to bookmarks, you can go to more expensive products. Pay special attention:

  • computer equipment;
  • small household appliances;
  • jewelry;
  • collecting, antiques ;
  • products for cars;
  • furniture;
  • products for children;
  • branded clothing and accessories;
  • two-wheeled vehicles.

You can also consider various services such as cargo transportation, eyelash extensions, repair of something, electrician services, and so on.

To avoid having a conversation about you in person, promise to bring more customers. Then the probability that the specialist will forget to share with you the payment.

Scheme earnings on bulletin boards - 30 000 p. per month

Earnings on the bulletin boards for divorce or not?

For your part, you are not deceiving anyone, on the contrary, helping people find that something necessary. The main risks appear for the intermediary, because the seller after receiving the money may simply disappear. This is the main disadvantage of this scheme and one cannot hope for honesty. Some people really keep everything they got from the seller.

There are no ways to be 100% secure, but there are useful tips to help you face less unpleasant situations:

  1. Offer sellers to find a buyer at a higher price. Let it be for him even a couple of hundred rubles, you will help him get them and then there will be more chances that you will not be thrown.
  2. Consider ads with services. Their authors can offer long-term cooperation. For example, girls, nail extensions will definitely agree to give a small commission if you consistently bring customers.
  3. Try working with ads to provide remote services. For example, site development, promotion, cheating on social networks and so on. People do not meet personally, so you can get money into your account, leave a mark-up and only then make a transfer to the artist’s wallet (card).
  4. Look for ads of small shops, now there are a lot of honest businessmen, they place hundreds of ads and are interested in sales. They just do not benefit from throwing someone who can invite customers.

Sellers from such cooperation do not lose anything, so they should be no difference in your actions.

The main thing is that you will quickly find a buyer. Let some of them forget to pay, consider it as production costs. Most will still do, in good conscience.

How to find buyers for the goods?

To sell on the Internet is an art. To quickly find a buyer, you have to work hard. First of all, you need to collect a database of bulletin boards and register for them.

The options are complete, and you can simply copy the information and photos from the main ad, indicating your contacts.

There is a special program for automatic distribution of announcements - Add2Board.

Of course, social networks will do. Earnings on bulletin boards through Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, even Instagram is already actively used by many people.

There is no need to create and promote pages, look for flea markets and similar groups, where everyone shares ads. Also free forums include forums, create topics, or search for the right ones to leave a comment with an advertisement.

Some people use paid advertising, but this is already earning with investments and it is better to use it when a commission is received from several transactions.

Get some experience, then you can invest a little money in advertising so that things go even better. Only it is necessary to choose more expensive goods, otherwise expenses simply will not pay off.

Scheme earnings on bulletin boards - 30 000 p. per month

Alternative ways to make money on bulletin boards

You may not like the presented scheme, but there are a few more options to earn through the bulletin board . You can use them in parallel or combine them:

  1. Selling your goods - no, this is not about selling everything in the house. Come up with some idea and start production. It can be all sorts of crafts, jewelry, exclusive, even services. Many started their business with ad placement, but they may require attachments.
  2. Resale of goods - here you can’t do without investments. The usual outbid scheme, bought cheaper, sold more. You need to be well-versed in prices, constantly monitor boards and place your ads wherever possible. Alternatively, you can arrange deliveries from China or sell goods to foreigners.
  3. Creating your own bulletin board is the most profitable option, but harder to use. Through any engine, you can run a simple site, and if you have money, contact the freelancers and they will make a turnkey message board. In order for it to start generating revenue, you will have to actively promote the project.

We will not discuss each method in detail, because the main idea of ​​this post is a little different. The last option is the most interesting, and if you don’t want to create a website, you can start with the Vkontakte group and publish ads there that you find on the web.

There is still earnings on placing ads. In order to promote people are willing to pay users who will be engaged in the dissemination of advertising (publish ads on different sites).

Millions of users visit bulletin boards every day, and where a large audience gathers, huge amounts of money are spinning. Earned you 15-30 thousand rubles will be a drop in the sea.

But income directly depends on the activity and remember that it will start growing gradually, first you have to prepare everything, collect your site collections, learn how to communicate with sellers and buyers, create effective ads.

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