Scan barcodes and make money with Scanner GFK

Large companies constantly conduct market research to learn more about consumers.

They need data to improve their products and services, and also to find out what buyers pay more attention to . Few people voluntarily want to take part in research, so respondents are paid money.

Surely you have already heard about earnings from surveys; this is the most common method of earning on your opinion. Different questionnaires are sent, you need to fill them in and pay about 50 rubles for it. Earnings on your purchases with Scanner GFK is similar to it, but you do not need to fill out questionnaires here.

Scan barcodes and make money with Scanner GFK

In everyday life, we do a lot of shopping, spending a lot of money. Want to return some of these amounts? Then you need to register on.

This company collects data about consumers by analyzing their purchases. Special equipment scanning barcodes is sent to customers. All you need to do is come from the store, skip all purchases through the device.

You can receive money for feedback on purchased goods. Post them on

and get rewarded for viewing the review page.

No money is required from users , the device is delivered free of charge, but not everyone receives it.

Check whether you are eligible to participate in the project can only be registered. Fill out the questionnaire and send it to the administration of the Scanner GFK and if you fit the necessary criteria, you can get a barcode scanner:

Scan barcodes and make money with Scanner GFK

By filling out the form during registration, then you will need to specify the data in the profile. The next step is a survey. After going through all the steps, you will be contacted by a company representative who will explain further actions.

Then they will send you a scanner, instructions for its use and an encoding book:

Scan barcodes and make money with Scanner GFK

Through it, you first choose the store where you made purchases, and then check them one by one all barcodes, indicating the quantity of goods and its price. By the time it takes about 30 minutes a week.

The more actively you send information to the Scanner GFK, the more points you get:

Scan barcodes and make money with Scanner GFK

Points can be transferred to the phone or displayed on the card. Unfortunately, only residents of Russia can work with this system, while registering other countries it is impossible to choose.

An affiliate program is running on the Scanner GFK website, invite your friends and get rewards for it.

The use of this service will definitely interest every housewife. Why not spend a little time scanning barcodes, especially since data is received on absolutely all types of products.

Start making money on your purchases , investment is not required here, although the income is not very high (I did not manage to collect more than 500 rubles a month).

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