Satoshi's earnings through the script in the chat

The collection of cryptocurrency on the Internet is available to every user and there are already a lot of useful articles on our website about easy money Bitcoins.

If you are interested in this topic, you can read about earning Bitcoin and Bitcoin games. In both articles, different services are described, where you can constantly collect cryptocurrency in small amounts.

Satoshi's earnings through the script in the chat, this is another opportunity to replenish your Bitcoin wallet.

The essence is extremely simple, there is a chat in which a button periodically appears to collect a bonus, who will have time to press, he gets satoshi. With the help of a special script, you will begin to receive alerts as soon as the button appears in the chat.

Satoshi's earnings through the script in the chat

The biggest Bitcoin bonus

The lucky one who manages to click on this button can receive from 10 to 100 thousand Satoshi. The exchange rate is currency 1 satoshi = 0. 00000001 bitcoin. You will say that this is too little? You probably forgot that 1 Bitcoin costs a few hundred dollars .

So, the chat in which the bonus button appears is located at. Here you can collect a little satoshi every 5 minutes, and also make bets, but this is risky.

A huge number of people are constantly sitting in the chat, everyone wants to collect a bonus of at least 10,000 satoshi, but you will have a huge advantage.

It is difficult for beginners to figure out how to install a script, but here everything is easy and simple.

You need to copy the following code:

// @name 999dice rain alert
// should be with the script / tamper / violent monkeys , other userscript tools
// == / UserScript ==
if (location. hostname == 'www. 999dice. com') {
function soundz () {
window. audio = {};
audio ["alert"] = new Audio ();
audio ["alert"]. src = "https: // cdn. rawgit. com / hamboning / 999dice-toys / master / codec. wav";
window. audio ["alert"]. play ();
return false;
window ['last_button'] = null;
$ ("# ChatTabChatContainer"). bind ("DOMSubtreeModified", function () {
el = $ (this);
lastmsg = el. children (). last ('. ChatText'). text ();
var crtButton = el. Children (). Last ('. ChatText'). Find ('. TextButton');
BtcRainButton = crtButton. Text ();
checkRain = (/ BTC \ / DOGE / i. test (BtcRainButton));
checkRainx = (/ BTC \ / DOGE / i. test (BtcRainButton));
soundtest = (/ War Elephant / i. Test (lastmsg));
if (((checkRain) || (checkRainx) || (soundtest)). (CrtButton. Get (0)! = Window [ 'last_button']))
window ['last_button'] = crtButton. get (0);
soundz ();

And add it to your browser console. All browsers have a special console to add scripts. On Google Chrome, it opens on F12. Go to the Console tab and add the code:

Satoshi's earnings through the script in the chat

After that, press Enter and wait until a beep appears that indicates the appearance of the bonus button in the chat. Of course, this script is freely available and many already use it. However, not everyone is always online, and some try to collect the bonus manually.

Huge money and quickly, using just one site does not make money, so consider other options for mining cryptocurrency, for example, Dogecoin earnings. And when a decent amount of money accumulates on your wallets, you will find instructions on how to withdraw cryptocurrency.

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