Sales management. Module 7. Day 4 - Profit Hunter

The buy / sell exchanges of something are intermediaries between sellers and buyers. Putting a site up for sale on the stock exchange does not mean at all that the sale will happen by itself and that you can lie on the sofa and wait for your money. This is not the approach of a professional seller. Exchange - just a tool to facilitate the satisfaction of supply and demand. The parties involved in this process are real people. And if so, you need to take into account the needs of the market and psychology.

It is almost impossible to determine in advance what is generally more popular in the market for selling sites. This is due to the fact that each market for the sale of sites has its own contingent of participants. For example, a website about skateboards on one exchange you can sell for weeks, and for another at least on the same day after it is put up for sale. Therefore, all sites are sold. Everything. Wherever you sell your site, there are certain rules specific to any market. They should be considered in the sale process.

Sales Management: tips for selling successfully

1. Be transparent

Do you believe in an honest seller? What he does not weigh you, does not cast? Today it is hard to believe. Conclusion: honesty is a deficit and it is highly appreciated even by those who do not show it. To be transparent is to hide nothing. Would you buy a site without checking anything? For example, what kind of backlinks does it have, belly, traffic, etc. I think not. You would check and check everything, so as not to buy a cat in a bag. If you, as a seller, are honest, this will facilitate your work and increase the confidence of the buyer. Also, this will give you an advantage over the "zhmotami" selling near you.

If you intend to sell websites professionally, think about your reputation. How much does it cost? Is it worth a couple of dozen knocked-out dollars from a buyer?

2. Answer any question Politely

It is not easy to negotiate with the buyer. It happens that they ask stupid questions, ask off-topic or ask again the same thing a hundred times. How do you react? Independently from questions and human behavior, we always need to behave politely and differently greedily.

3. Do not be rude

People sometimes shock with their behavior. They can judge you without even knowing what kind of person you are, why you are selling a website, etc. They criticize the fruits of your work They behave as if they are masters here. Such behavior is often seen on the forums. There are always inappropriate types. I would like to send such people somewhere far away. But ... not. Professionals do not respond to such antics. They have nothing more to offer, except for their bad manners. Never be rude.

4. Do not disclose your reserve

Sometimes buyers ask you to send them a reserve, that is, reserve a website for them. Such requests can come in both comments and private messages. You can never divulge an auction reserve. This is prohibited by Flippa rules.

5. Build a professional relationship

Do not get too distracted by people who waste your time, but no result. Pay more attention to those who are really interested in what you are doing.

6. Sell ​​to someone you like

Of the large number of people interested in your site, there are always a few people who are clearly interested in your product. They will ask smart and business-like questions. Their activity will be expressed in bids at auction. He will not be asked to sell you a site by agreement. These will be the people who know the rules of the system and obediently follow them. It's nice to deal with such people. Why is it worth selling? What is the difference who pays? They will not spoil your life and nerves after purchase.

Flippa: just-sold sales

Sales management. Module 7. Day 4 - Profit Hunter

You can see which sites and for how many were sold on Flippa. Read the comments to them. So you will learn a lot from the sales process: what do buyers ask, how do sellers respond, etc.

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