Safe Internet for children, how to do?

Internet is connected in every home, but if there are children and teenagers, it’s better to immediately think about adding restrictions.

A variety of information is distributed online; it can harm the child’s psyche or teach it to the bad. It’s not hard to control the actions of your child, all the necessary tools have been created for this.

How to make the Internet child? In the most popular antivirus, there is a function of parental control.

Only users who have purchased a license can use it. In addition, there are other methods of protection, in this article we will consider each of them.

Safe Internet for children, how to do?

Kaspersky Parental Control

The most convenient way to protect a child from non-qualitative and useless information is to configure restrictions in the antivirus. Kaspersky is the most popular, and if it is already installed on your PC, use this instruction:

  1. Open the main program window, click the arrow to see all the functions and select "Parental Control ":
  2. Safe Internet for children, how to do?
  3. So that the child could not disable the restrictions, and also did not try to make any changes, think up a password:
  4. Safe Internet for children, how to do?
  5. In the next step, the password field is selected, it is better to check all the checkboxes:
  6. Safe Internet for children, how to do?
  7. In order not to constantly turn on and off filters, create a new one for your child even record. At the next step, you need to select it (just by dragging the slider to On mode):
  8. Safe Internet for children, how to do?
  9. Then you will find yourself in the settings section, where you can even specify at what time the child can use the computer :
  10. Safe Internet for children, how to do?
  11. Restrictions can also be set; reports show the time of the session. That is, you will always know how much time was spent behind a PC:
  12. Safe Internet for children, how to do?
  13. Kaspersky has its own database of marked sites. In the settings, put a restriction on visiting sites with unwanted content:
  14. Safe Internet for children, how to do?

Setting is extremely simple, making children's Internet with Kaspersky the easiest. In comparison with other ways to protect children, this is the most effective. If the child tries to enter an invalid request, the filter will immediately be felt:

Safe Internet for children, how to do?

There are a lot of parental control settings in the antivirus, see what other parameters you can come in handy. If there is no desire to pick one in the parameters, find a section with an age limit and select the appropriate option (+16, +18, etc.).

Other ways to make the Internet childish

You have to pay for Kaspersky every year, but this does not suit many. Are you one of them? Then consider alternatives.

First of all, visit the website of the Internet provider, perhaps, he has special rates or programs to restrict children from unnecessary information.

If there is nothing like this, use these methods:

  1. If you have Windows Vista, you can apply parental controls (in the control panel, the accounts section). Only in this version of the OS was a web filter available. For individual accounts, you can set a ban on visiting certain resources, limit the use of a computer, and so on. In Windows 7, parental control was preserved, but the Internet filter was removed.
  2. Especially for children, an extension for Mozilla Firefox has been developed. You can download it on the site. The Google browser works in a simple way - everything that is not prohibited is available. Install the extension and add resources that you think are suitable for children. You can set a specific time on the computer and receive reports. This tool is designed for children under 10 years old.
  3. You can also search for programs to set up parental controls. A lot of them have been created, and in order not to have to pay, download. It was not created specifically for the safety of children. Through it, networks from anywhere in the world are controlled. You can also prohibit different sites, watch reports, watch what the child does for the PC, etc.

Monitoring the actions of the child should be performed constantly, because the world wide web is full of forbidden content. Use at least all the tools at once, you need to know what the child is doing in order to quickly respond when problems appear.

There are parents who believe that the child still finds out everything on the street, in kindergarten, at school and so on. This is true, but it is better to protect it from the bad influence .

Just imagine that a child accidentally sees scenes of same-sex sex or begins to communicate with perverts, it is better to protect him from this.

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