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Games in which you can earn real money are becoming increasingly popular, so hundreds of thousands of users register in them every day.

In most cases, in order to withdraw money from the system, you have to invest your money or attract referrals, but there are and those where it is not required.

Russian Farmer - a game with output without attachments. A unique project in which it is not necessary to invest.

After registering here they give an impressive bonus of 75 rubles (7,500 silver). You can not bring them, but you can buy animals and begin to develop your farm.

The game is simple and already after a couple of days you can get a payout of from it.

Russian Farmer (game closed) | Workion. ru

The game is closed!

Play and earn!

Before describing in detail the actions you need perform in this game, let's consider its advantages:

  • impressive no deposit bonus;
  • no need to attract referrals to get paid;
  • a rating system is provided;
  • there is a daily bonus;
  • 3x referral system;
  • instant and automatic payments;
  • withdraw money to Payeer from 10 kopecks;
  • Contests for referrals are constantly held;
  • you can get a bonus animals for a deposit.

I would like to say about the last item separately, as this is a really profitable bonus. If you replenish your account with more than 400 rubles, several new animals will appear on your farm for free:

Russian Farmer (game closed) | Workion. ru

Even if you decide to bring only 50 rubles into the game, then in this case you Get 5 bonus chickens.

How to make money on the Russian Farmer?

After registering and receiving the bonus, go to the animal store and buy different animals:

Russian Farmer (game closed) | Workion. ru

The more animals you buy and the more expensive they are, the faster you will collect a decent amount on your balance. Immediately spend all the silver received as a bonus, you still can not withdraw it. After buying animals, every hour you can go to the farm and collect various resources:

Russian Farmer (game closed) | Workion. ru

You can go to the farm even a couple of times a month and just press the "Collect All" button, after which means that eggs, milk, meat or wool are sent to the warehouse, and you can sell them every 10 minutes:

Russian Farmer (game closed) | Workion. ru

Everything is also simple here and is sold by pressing one button. With the sale of resources, funds are credited to the account for withdrawal, and from there you can transfer them to Payeer, there is only one condition, you need to make a deposit of at least 75 rubles to activate automatic payments.

It is not necessary to withdraw money from the system, you can put it into circulation and receive even more benefits from it. In the exchange office, you can convert currency from the account for withdrawal to the account for purchases. When transferring money, 20% is added to them, i.e., you give away 1,000 silver, and you get 1,200.

Now over 10,000 users are already playing at a Russian farmer, despite the fact that the project does not work much more 3 months. Even if you are afraid to join such systems and consider that they are closing quickly, withdraw money every day. As already mentioned, the minimum threshold is only 10 kopecks.

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