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Something recently pulled me to the tests 🙂 Now we got to the high-quality run through the catalogs. Is there any more effect from this?

There was a need to pull up requests, give the projects a bigger roundness, display requests to the TOP and take profit. Only the beginning of summer, and the cost of the party is already going through the roof. 🙂

With requests, everything is less clear. After all, for commercial projects, as a rule, you stock up with interest on the topic. As the project develops, some requests disappear, others appear. Periodically you watch competitors, you correct promotion. You spend analytics. A lot of small work of the same type appears, which is difficult and time-consuming to do with your hands.

How to be? Option - to entrust part of the work on the project services. As a result, you have to seriously select services and tools that allow you to automate at least part of the work. Moreover, it is desirable to automate quality.

In general, I decided to check whether the directory run, posting of comments to blogs, social plots and the like still work. For the experiment Cheap Top , was chosen, who gladly provided the “Maximum” tariff for the feedback. What does it include? This is a complex of the maximum service tariffs:

1. Megaprogon with manual captch:

Allows you to increase the return on registration by several times. In this tariff, all captcha are recognized manually - efficiency more than 95% . The increase in backlinks in the “Webmaster Panel” of Yandex - up to 1300 (for a site that has not previously been registered in directories). Registration is made in all the catalogs in our database, for each site a unique mailbox is registered to which from 7000 to 8000 letters arrive (provided that the site has not been registered in the catalogs before), the activation of requests is also included in the price. on confirmation, came to the mailbox.

Gain TIC - up to 100 , PR - from 2 to 4 , there is a significant increase in LF and MF requests.

2. Manual registration in the article directories:

This tariff is provided “on a turnkey basis” - experts write an article of at least 3000 characters on a given topic, after which they coordinate it with the customer and proceed As a result, there are about 500 articles with a uniqueness of more than 95% and the placement process begins. As a result,

- significant growth in low-frequency, mid-frequency and sometimes high-frequency queries, and not only non-commercial.

- increase in incoming link weight to your site, eat a “quality” reference mass.

- as a result - a significant increase in citation indexes TCI and PR of the site.

- increasing the “trust” of the resource, improving the attitude of the PS to it.

3. Manual posting in the DOFOLLOW blogs:

All of these are live, developing blogs, many of which have impressive citation indicators for TIC and PR (the total TIC of our base is 4770, PR is 327 - that is, on average, TIC of blogs is above 30, PR is more than 2, maximum parameters are 350 TIC and 5 PR). All blogs are checked for indexing by Yandex and Google - the number of pages in the PS index is at least 50. A weekly database check is performed.

Total, you get - perpetual links from trust resources that are not closed by indexing + link is quite natural in the eyes of the SS, you agree to "dilute" a purchased referential.

4. Placing ads on popular boards:

In the base Cheap Top more than 4000 selected resources . The base is constantly updated and supplemented. A good thing when promoting goods.

5. Vip-submission in social tabs:

Currently about 100 exclusively Russian-language services are available, having the greatest positive impact, the fastest indexing speed and the highest parameters of TCI and PR. By ordering this service, you get "fresh" registration of any number of accounts and full control over them (in the report - login data - login and password) on each of the services, and the most "humanized" accounts - with filled with the fields “About Me”, with the choice of the gender of registering a couple of human sites (Yandex. ru and Odnoklassniki. ru, for example), etc.

The volume of donors is large and it’s very expensive to do all this work time.

A good effect is obtained precisely with a complex run . This is, in principle, not for anyone This article is a starting point. For me, it is also an experiment. Many people write on the network. Who is happy with the run-throughs, who put a gnobit on what light is worth. I believe that for your own projects you need your own personal experience.

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