Runet Blogosphere Review - Issue # 1 - Profit Hunter

Many eminent bloggers are advised to use reviews as a method of promoting a blog. Sin does not heed their advice 🙂

1. Konkoff blog promotion.

An overview of the most effective ways to promote a blog. The methods he listed are fairly simple and effective.

2. 40+ Factors Influencing Weight Links from Dmitry S. M. A. R. R. T.

The first part of the translation of Vip Nol's materials, containing about 300 comments regarding factors affecting the link weight from advanced western optimizers. I wanted to translate this article myself, but Dmitry was ahead of me.

3. Proven recipe to increase the CY from Dimox.

Very interesting and informative. Personally, I have already taken advantage of Dimox's advice.

4. A quick way to become a sales leader in a niche from Sergey Zhukovsky.

Useful reading on how to crush their competitors with minimal resources.

5. About perespam from Alexander Fedorov.

Some news from the world of black SEO. Some conclusions can also be wisely applied to white sites, especially those sharpened by low-frequency key phrases.

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