Rules for the review of the article. How to write a review?

Interesting materials are constantly being published on the Internet, which bloggers and owners of various sites would like to tell.

Copying even a part of the text is prohibited, and the search engines are extremely negative about copy-paste, so the ideal option is to make a small review on an interesting publication.

How to write a review on an article? It is not so difficult to do this, and after spending a little time, you will receive high-quality and interesting material that will briefly describe all the important points of the publication that you want to tell your audience about.

In addition, brief reviews will be useful for disseminating information about their articles , for example, through social. network.

Rules for the review of the article. How to write a review?

  1. First you need to highlight the idea of ​​a new publication. You can come up with it yourself, use the information from the article you are talking about, or choose from the questions of your visitors.
  2. After getting the idea, start making a review. Start by printing the main subtitles. For convenience, you can again use the basic material. After each subtitle, leave some space where some information will be added (for a couple of sentences).
  3. At the very beginning of the review, meaningfully disclose the main idea of ​​the article. For example, if you write a review on the material on how to properly promote the site, write a paragraph that sanctifies how important qualitative advancement and how difficult it is given. Here you need to talk about the material about which you are going to talk.
  4. The main body of the review is filled with data about the publication. When your visitors have already understood what they are talking about, and even received a link to the material, you can tell them about why you are sharing this with them.
  5. In your review, subtitles will already be made up, so it will not be difficult to make up 1-2 sentences, under each of them. Do not forget that this is not an article, but only a review of it, therefore touching upon various topics, tell us that "in this publication you will find ..." and so on.

Rules for the review of the article. How to write a review?

Writing reviews to materials is necessary not only to attract users to your sites and post information about an interesting article. Most link exchanges provide brief reviews.

For example, you can sell links in guards, short and large reviews. In order for buyers to be satisfied with the links, you will need to competently compile brief reviews on their articles.

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