Ruble binary options, 4 brokers

The first binary options appeared in America, and it is their currency that is the most popular in the whole world.

Therefore, it is often used on the Internet, but this is not convenient for everyone. Users from Russia who want to make money on binary options are often interested in brokers who allow them to work with rubles.

Ruble binary options are offered by many companies. Even if dollars are displayed on the platform, deposits and account maintenance is carried out in rubles.

Should I open an account in Russian currency? Everyone decides for himself, because to predict the stability of the national course is very difficult.

Ruble binary options, 4 brokers

Binary options and ruble account

Almost all large brokers have the option of opening a ruble account. A great example is where, when opening an account, customers choose their own currency:

Ruble binary options, 4 brokers

We often tell our readers about this company. Why this broker? There is a demo account, and also you can start trading with only 300 rubles .

You can make several transactions right now without investing anything, but before that we recommend watching the video so that you do not lose:

Do not pay attention to the fact that transactions are being conducted in dollars, the account is still ruble, and when you deposit or withdraw funds, rubles are used.

Where else is there a ruble account in binary options?

If you are interested in binary options with a ruble deposit, then use the services of the following brokerage firms:

  • - leading broker among professionals. To begin to carry out transactions on it, it is necessary to replenish your ruble account with 10,000 rubles. You will be provided with high-quality support, a convenient platform and additional tools.
  • - in Russia, this company was one of the first to start promoting binary options trading. Only 300 rubles is needed for the start, and it is even easier to make deals here, since the platform is made in the minimalist style.
  • - when opening an account here you can also choose rubles. You can start with any amount, but the more it is, the better conditions will be provided to you. For example, deposit insurance, personal manager, trading signals and expedited withdrawals.

On the websites of all these companies, the opening of ruble accounts is available and they work stably, so we advise you to use them.

Everyone chooses the type of account that they like best. From that, rubles on your balance, dollars or euro, nothing depends. It is much more important to pay more attention to broker reviews, forecasting and trading strategies.

Even if you trade dollars, when you withdraw funds to a card or virtual wallet, they are automatically converted .

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