Roulette Strategy - 80 Percent Winnings

Gambling is quite possible to turn into earnings, especially the popular roulette.

Many different tactics have been invented to increase the chances of winning. Applying strategies you provide yourself a stable income, let them sometimes have to lose, subsequent rates will cover the expense.

Roulette strategy - you can get 80% of the winnings using the special tactics we will tell you about.

Such a high percentage can be achieved due to the almost complete occupation of the windows on the table. The most important thing is to find enough money to start, since you have to make several bets at once and raise their amount.

Roulette Strategy - 80 Percent Winnings

Profitable roulette is the best strategy

Roulette systems have already been described on our website, you can use one of them. A professional player must keep several good tactics in his arsenal, so the new strategy will definitely come in handy for you.

In part, it is related to the Martingale, since you will increase the stakes for losses, and return to the starting amount when you win.

The bottom line is to set 4 rates, two dozen and two columns. The task is to bet on those dozens and columns that do not have a window that has just fallen out.

For example, we put $ 1 for 2-3 dozen and 2-3 column . If there is a number that is in this range, change the rates for those columns and dozens to which it does not apply.

If the bet has not played, you must double the bet amount and also change the columns and dozens. It is difficult to understand the theory, but the tactic is extremely simple.

Example of applying the strategy

  1. Sit at the table and look at what number the ball fell out last time. In our case, this is window 6, which does not apply to 2-3 dozen and 1-2 column. Therefore, we place bets on these areas:
  2. Roulette Strategy - 80 Percent Winnings
  3. Tachalnaya bet $ 1. Due to the large number of occupied windows, it was possible to win, the number 13 was dropped. It is in the second dozen and the first column, so we change our bets for the remaining areas:
  4. Roulette Strategy - 80 Percent Winnings
  5. We have not lost yet so again we bet $ 1. At the next step, the number 2 falls out, we win again, and now we are betting on a 2-3 dozen and a 1-3 column:
  6. Roulette Strategy - 80 Percent Winnings
  7. Unfortunately, the figure was 9 and we won only one column each. This means that we need to change the betting area and double the amount. Now you bet $ 2 each:
  8. Roulette Strategy - 80 Percent Winnings
  9. The number 28 drops out and we again win, having fully won back the money we have made:
  10. Roulette Strategy - 80 Percent Winnings

Now you can go back to the first step and start betting on $ 1 on those areas where this number is not located. As you can see, the strategy for roulette is not so complicated, you can easily apply it.

Where to play roulette?

The choice of online casinos is wide, but it is best to apply strategies in Live Roulette. There everything is fair, a real person spins the roulette and starts the ball. In addition, this game is much more interesting.

You can play in Live mode through the Vulcan casino:

Roulette Strategy - 80 Percent Winnings

One of the best casinos that has a live dealer roulette lots of other advantages - a lot of ways to replenish and withdraw, a wide variety of games, various promotions, tournaments and so on.

When applying the strategy for roulette, be extremely careful. First of all, casino organizers are watching this and they will not let you win often. Secondly, the excitement quickly delays, so having won 50-100% of your deposit, leave the game. Alternatively, you can simply change the casino.

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