Rookee + Ads = Permalinks - Profit Hunter

Experienced optimizers (advertisers) are very time-consuming. Projects, as a rule, they have a lot. Promoted keywords for each project tens and hundreds. Spending a lot of time on such a similar type of task, purchasing links, selecting donors, etc., is no good. The question arises optimization total of the process . Well, and do not forget about the convenience and comfort. The SEO market has already acquired over-the-counter brands, ready to provide optimizers with a bunch of convenient and fast options for evaluating, checking, purchasing links, reviews, notes, or articles. Each of the brands adds all the new chips. Competition promotes development. We, as optimizers, are good, and we have a large selection of tools for work, which facilitate the performance of similar tasks.

Today the speech in the article will go from the position of an optimizer or advertiser. We are already able to create sites well enough, since the pro-site design has been so much written on the Internet that any school student can become a full-time webmaster without paying a penny. Avot, there are always nuances in the purchase. for promotion. SEO knowledge and pricing has a lot of weight. It can be overloaded with thousands of links to look at the entire budget without getting any result. Or you can invest only a third of the budget and break free in the TOP.

All practicing optimizers from There is an automated website promotion system Roo kee . It may not be a secret for you that Roo kee introduced a chip — buying perpetual links in a new format in the form of ads . What is it and why is it interesting for optimizers?

The ad is an advertising text block with a title containing perpetual seo-link . It is located in the visible part of the page, where there are no “sales” links.

News about the new functionality can be read here. Consider more new functionality. On the page " Setting the promotion strategy ” select the tab " Purchase of ads ".

Rookee + Ads = Permalinks - Profit Hunter

Next we create we need the number of rules, each of which is customizable. Take for example a simple rule for purchasing inexpensive perpetual links , i.e. the rule fields will already be filled in:

Rookee + Ads = Permalinks - Profit Hunter

This is how the rules for buying ads look like. Familiar? Section " Statistics ” works online. This means that for any change in the filter parameter Roo kee immediately conducts a new search for donors and, after 1-2 seconds, will show the new result. It is quite convenient, I tell you. We immediately see how much and what.

Another warning when setting up rules is a system warning if there are too few donors:

Rookee + Ads = Permalinks - Profit Hunter

The system reports that " Very few were found according to the rule pages. Read why this is bad and how to fix it ". If you are satisfied with the result, the system will not prohibit saving the rule. Although Roo kee and an automated system - this does not mean that it will leave everything to chance.

As you know, Roo kee cooperates with 9th link exchanges . And, if something new and promising appears in these exchanges, Roo kee it picks up, creates a new functionality and introduces it into practice. This is convenient, I tell you. It would be possible to purchase separately in each exchange and spend 9 times more time for this event, taking into account that each exchange has its own usability, advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into account. It is more convenient when all this routine and one-type work can be simplified, reduce to a common denominator and assign one functionality and usability for it, isn't it? Work simultaneously with the 9th (yes, at least 100) exchanges, I think is not bad. The price for this convenience is 10% additional commission 🙂

Text creation and budget setting

For ads in Roo kee The creation of texts is similar to the creation of texts for links. The only difference is that this is an ad. What does this look like? On the page " Promotion management " , in the query table there is a column " Texts ". For each request, depending on its type (LF, MF, HF, etc.), the system generates a certain number of links and ads. In the table this is shown as two numbers: references / announcements:

Rookee + Ads = Permalinks - Profit Hunter

Click on the number of announcements (in the screenshot this is figure 10). The ad text editor opens.

Rookee + Ads = Permalinks - Profit Hunter

The number of characters is indicated in brackets opposite the headline of the ad and its body. The ad is generated based on the content of the landing page. It can be edited, deleted. There is also the option to import ads from a text file or add ads manually. I think with this new functionality you will not have any difficulties.

Depending on the type of request and the number of texts, an ad promotion budget is formed. We can either leave the amount generated by the exchange for promotion, or set it manually. Here everything is the same as when forming a budget for reference promotion.

In the beginning, I mentioned a factor such as time. For the optimizer, this is a very important part. Projects, as a rule, a lot. Work of the same type too. Any programmer will tell you that tasks of the same type should be automated. This is already there. The rest of the free time can be given to analytics and marketing.

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