Rituals to attract money. Popular Rituals for Money

Believing in mysticism or not believing is a personal matter for everyone, but using some magic rituals with money is not difficult, so all people should use this chance.

Some rituals with money, were used 300 years ago , and many opinions about their effectiveness.

Rituals to attract money. Popular Rituals for Money

Rituals for attracting money

Now let's consider the most popular ones:

1. A large bill is always with me.
This belief existed long before paper money appeared. It was considered that carrying a certain amount with you all the time, you can attract money to yourself. Previously, people carried "pyataks" with them, now thousandths or five-thousandth bills are more suitable.

If they are constantly in your wallet and you won’t spend it, the money will flow into your pocket.

2. Bowl of abundance.
The second ritual with money, involves the use of a container, but not closed (piggy bank), as many believe. The essence is very simple, take an ordinary flower pot and steadily put in it a certain part of the money.

By systematically looking into your “vault” you will get motivated and imagine what you will do when you collect a substantial amount. Note that this ritual is very similar to the rule of 10%, in which it is advised to invest 10% of the profits from each income.

3. Lunar ritual.
It has long been assumed that lunar rays have the energy of attracting funds. That is why people are advised to lay out their wallet on the window sill at full moon. The most important thing is that the wallet is empty, otherwise it will not be able to “absorb” enough energy. Similar manipulations can be carried out with a full wallet, but laying it out at night with a not full moon.

4. Drawing wealth and poverty.
To visualize profitability and poverty, try drawing them on plain paper. Of course, this method is suitable for creative people, but without even having artistic talent, you can draw simple objects. For example, you can draw an expensive car or make a plan of the apartment you want to buy.

Store all your pictures in a separate folder and systematically browse. You may have noticed that this method is also very similar to the popular psychological technique. Visualization of various results helps in motivation.

Rituals to attract money. Popular Rituals for Money

Rely solely on magic when achieving success is not worth it, because without your activity dreams will never be realized. Use these rituals as prevention, because only the person’s efforts determine their financial condition.

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