Rich Birds - make money on your eggs

Play a game or work? Many Internet users are facing such a question, but both cases can be combined. To do this, there are special games with the withdrawal of real money.

Now there are a lot of them, so you can easily choose a proven project to start playing and making money at the same time.

Earn and play on a simple game, where a starting bonus of 10 rubles (1000 silver) is provided. This project is analogous to such games as, and.

The essence of all these games is the same - you need to buy birds and collect their eggs. All collected eggs are sold and then you can display real money.

Rich Birds - make money on your eggs

How to play and earn with Rich Birds?

Due to the welcome bonus for new players, you can buy your first bird The choice is small, and 1000 silver is enough to buy the cheapest - green bird:

Rich Birds - make money on your eggs

Prices for birds are indicated in silver, you can buy it at the rate of 100 silver = 1 ruble. Thus, the red (most expensive) bird will cost you 5,000 rubles, but it brings 80,000 eggs every hour, and this is 800 silver or 8 rubles (192 rubles per day) .

In order to receive decent contributions from this game you will need to invest. It is not difficult to replenish an account, for this you can use Free-Kassa, where almost all types of transfers are available (bank cards, e-wallets, mobile operators).

You can add several rubles to the game, the amounts are unlimited and go to your account instantly.

When you buy a few birds, you will need to enter the game and proceed to the warehouse. There will be a button to collect products:

Rich Birds - make money on your eggs

Next, you need to go to the market, where eggs are exchanged for silver. Each hundred eggs brings 1 silver:

Rich Birds - make money on your eggs

Silver is equally divided and transferred to the balance for purchases and withdrawal. All profits are collected and now you can use silver to buy birds or output.

Free Birds Rich Birds

The game administration has added a unique opportunity for players. They can complete simple tasks and get birds for it and a bit of currency. We talked about this in detail in a separate article on free Rich Birds birds. Give out gifts in the section with the appropriate name:

Rich Birds - make money on your eggs

The bonuses are not so impressive, in total you can get 7 green, 1 yellow bird and 3000 silver freebies. It does not take long to complete the tasks, in one of them they are asked to simply join the official Vkontakte group, although registration on another site is simple:

Rich Birds - make money on your eggs

As you can see, I have already completed a couple assignments, gifts are given automatically after completion. Sometimes new tasks appear here, detailed instructions are provided, so beginners can easily figure out what needs to be done.

Rich Birds Weekly Lottery

A fair amount of money is played out among the participants every week. It is very easy to take part in it, but this function is open only to those who filled up the balance. Once in 7 days, a lottery is held, it has a different number of prizes, with different cash prizes:

Rich Birds - make money on your eggs

Now there are 5 prizes in the lottery (before this was more), but also prizes are more solid. You can buy as many tickets as you want, one participant can take several places at once, so it is advisable to buy the maximum number of tickets. The purchase does not take much time, and the price of 10 tickets will be only 1 Cash Points:

Rich Birds - make money on your eggs

Everything is simple, enter the number of tickets in the first field and press the button. Immediately tickets are added to the statistics and, the user is determined by the place, according to the total number of tickets:

Rich Birds - make money on your eggs

As you can see, after buying 100 tickets they gave only 53 places. Just imagine how many tickets are being bought by other members. The fight is not comic, so not everyone wins.

Rich Birds, how to withdraw money?

You can withdraw funds not only to Payeer. There are several payment systems available. They have different fees for transfers. It is better to use Payeer, since in this case the funds come instantly and the commission is minimal:

Rich Birds - make money on your eggs

I enter the game every day to order payments. I have a lot of birds, so with Rich Birds, the withdrawal always brings good amounts. Please note that transfers are allowed only after making a small deposit to the account (30 rubles):

Rich Birds - make money on your eggs

This is a screen of my last payment. The game is fair, money comes quickly and does not charge anything extra. Earn on your eggs Rich Birds, you are guaranteed to receive payments from here.

How to withdraw money from Rich Birds, what points are needed?

To withdraw 100 silver (1 ruble) you need to collect 1 Cash Point.These payment points can be received in different ways:

Rich Birds - make money on your eggs

In the meantime Cash Point accumulate on your balance, you can use silver for games or exchange it for balance purchases and buy birds (in exchange give + 10%). Investors are not worried about getting points, because after depositing more than 1000 rubles on the game balance, they have access to a special stock exchange:

Rich Birds - make money on your eggs

As you can already guess, you can buy Cash Points for silver. For those who have a lot of birds and then there is a stable game currency, this is the best opportunity to earn, without inviting referrals. Although this method should not be discarded, because it is one of the most profitable.

Rich Birds Play Area

As for the games, there are several entertainment options offered to users - lottery, roulette, thimbles, bingo, slots, fortune wheel, coin flip and kamikaze. Here is an example of a slot machine:

Rich Birds - make money on your eggs

It is allowed to play for Silver or Cash Points. Therefore, this is another opportunity to earn points for withdrawal. It is a lot of entertainments, all of them are interesting in their own way. Some people spin the drums in the Rich Birds slot for hours and often win:

Rich Birds - make money on your eggs

The game Rich Birds quickly delays, and if you intend to receive decent payments from it, invite your friends to it . At the expense of the affiliate program, you can completely get rid of the need to invest money and get Cash Points.

Earn Rich Birds with Referrals

The best way to turn an economic game into a profitable source of income is to use its affiliate program. In all games with the withdrawal of money offer lucrative cooperation. There are 5 referral lines on this site, in total, 87% comes from recharge:

Rich Birds - make money on your eggs

Registered users get special links and can invite new players by any means. It is advisable to use the most effective ways to recruit referrals. Naturally, I use my own blog for this, so I have a big team:

Rich Birds - make money on your eggs

Without a website, this result can also be achieved, my referrals invite new members through social networks, search for them among real acquaintances, record different videos on the game and advertise it on the forums. The administration of Rich Birds offers partners additional incentives in the form of Cash Points:

Rich Birds - make money on your eggs

The more active referrals, the more points come for each of them. Active are the participants who have deposited a deposit of any size. Think where you could find referrals, there are many options, some even buy ads on other people's sites.

Rich Birds scam or not? Reviews

Due to the complex scheme of distribution of money and payment points, many users consider earnings on Rich Birds eggs a scam. There is really no freebies on this site, you need to either invest or actively work. Positive feedback about the game on the network often appears:

Rich Birds - make money on your eggs

When I registered on the site, I could not believe that you could really make money here. Everything seemed too doubtful, and the game is simple. Nevertheless, I decided to try, not a bit sorry. The project brings a decent income and so that you do not consider it an advertisement, look at how much I brought up with Rich Birds:

Rich Birds - make money on your eggs

I earn in other games, I’ve already begun to understand how the scam differ from honest projects. First, Rich Birds has been around for a long time. Secondly, the game paid out over 27 million rubles. Thirdly, the news section is constantly filled with something, and this is an indicator of the activity of the administration. If ongoing work is underway to improve the site, there is definitely no interest in closing.

5 mistakes novices on Rich Birds

The game is fair, interesting and of high quality, but users make mistakes themselves. They do not read the rules, do not figure out anything, and believe that by investing the minimum amount, they will receive millions. You need to act competently, otherwise you will not see the money:

  1. Players do not understand what Cash Points are - you can’t do anything without points from this game, so you need to figure it out before registering how to mine them. As already mentioned, the best way to attract referrals, look for options that will help you gather a large team.
  2. Players hoard birds - and there’s not a lot of sense from them. To get enough silver, just get a pair of expensive birds. While you will be attracting new members, a decent amount will accumulate on your balance, so even investing money is not necessary.
  3. Players only count on a silver exchange - but it does not always bring enough Cash Points. It is even more difficult to earn on it than on the affiliate program, since the rate is low. We will have to reinvest the funds and buy a lot of birds to buy the necessary points.
  4. Players use non-most common player error for output. There are several ways to get paid in the game, but only on Payeer money is transferred instantly and with a minimum commission. Then from this wallet they can be transferred further, at least to a bank card.
  5. Players try to make money in the gaming zone - all gambling is delayed and usually everything is calculated in such a way that the player loses more often. In the roulette or thimbles you can have fun, but it is better not to try to increase your payment points or silver.

Looking through the negative reviews about Rich Birds, I realized that most of these people made mistakes. Someone argues that the game does not really make money at all, but above I presented my statistics, the project paid a tidy sum.

Rich Birds Chips and Secrets

Experienced players discover different strategies and know different tricks to quickly unwind. In addition, they carefully read the rules and come up with interesting schemes, it helps them to get rid of problems in the future and develop more and more interesting ways to cash in on the game. We collected the most frequent questions from new players to uncover some secrets:

  1. How to get a red bird in 1 day?

After registering and replenishing the balance, beginners buy as much as possible cheap the birds. This is the wrong strategy, it is better to buy one expensive one. Through roulette it’s really possible to get a red bird in just one day. Professionals replenish the balance and buy roulette tickets:

Rich Birds - make money on your eggs

Each ticket costs 25 Cash Points, and when crediting it, 35% are credited to the account with points. Roulette is configured so that most often fall green and yellow birds. Under the game interface there is a statistic when and which bird was won by users:

Rich Birds - make money on your eggs

It is necessary to wait for the red and blue birds not to fall out for a long time. Sooner or later, the roulette gives out a big win, the main thing is to guess the moment and use as many tickets as possible.

  1. What will happen if I don’t log in to Rich Birds for 120 days?

The question is rather for busy people who sometimes forget about their gaming account. Often you do not need to enter the game, so many people don’t collect eggs even once a month. This is allowed, but if the user is not active for 120 days, his Cash Points account begins writing 5 points each day. This money is distributed by referral system, and 70% goes to the silver exchange fund.

  1. How to buy or sell a Rich Birds account?

For all sorts of exchanges, withdrawals to different accounts and other actions, some people use several game profiles. It is forbidden to register from one IP, and for greater security, it is better to purchase a ready account.

Rich Birds - make money on your eggs

The demand for them is not very high, but you can search for offers in social networks and forums.

  1. How is it better to recruit referrals?

I myself am engaged in attracting new players with the help of a blog, which I advise you. However, the option for a beginner is not the best, because it is difficult to promote a site and you will have to work at least several months to reach the first places. Much easier to record videos on YouTube.

As practice shows, referrers actively use this. Many of those who recently started recording video have already recruited a large team. The main thing is to invent something fresh and interesting.

  1. How to link a new phone number to Rich Birds?

This question usually appears when you buy accounts. To increase the security and the previous owner of the profile could not return it, you need to change the data in the settings:

Rich Birds - make money on your eggs

Just change it will not work, you need to unsubscribe to technical support. Users without problems change phone numbers.

In conclusion, I would like to tell a ridiculous case. One of the readers of my blog asked how to hack Rich Birds. I was taken aback by this question if it could be done, but surely hackers would have hacked the project, there is a lot of money in its reserves. In general, I am against any black schemes, it is better to earn honestly.

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