Rgcoin Cryptocurrency DogeCoin Investment Fund

Internet users are constantly looking for options for profitable deposits, but it is not always possible to find a worthwhile project.

Before you invest your money, you need to find a good system, and most importantly, understand the distribution scheme profits and to be sure to have some source of income.

The Rgcoin investment fund offers an interesting solution for online deposits. Each user of this resource, after passing the registration, can make a contribution to the purchase of the computing power necessary for the extraction of cryptocurrency and receive a stable contribution for this.

Rgcoin Cryptocurrency DogeCoin Investment Fund

The project is closed!

How to make money with Rgcoin?

The administration of this project is renting servers for mining DogeCoin cryptocurrency. Users do not need to register a DogeCoin wallet, as rubles are used within the Rgcoin system.

Simply put, you invest money in equipment, the organizers buy it, do mining and pay you in rubles.

After registering on the site, you need to buy one of the tariffs at will. The more money you spend, the more power you will receive to earn money:

Rgcoin Cryptocurrency DogeCoin Investment Fund

To buy any tariff, you first need to replenish the balance. This can be done through Free-Kassa or Payeer:

Rgcoin Cryptocurrency DogeCoin Investment Fund

There is no commission on Payeer, so it’s best to use this method. Please note that the minimum amount to replenish is 100 rubles.

After purchasing the tariffs, you will need to collect DogeCoin and exchange it for rubles . This is done easily, you need to press a special button in the section " Exchange DogeCoin ":

Rgcoin Cryptocurrency DogeCoin Investment Fund

From the amount received, 80% is sent to the output , the remaining money is transferred to the account for purchases. All you have to do is order the payment:

Rgcoin Cryptocurrency DogeCoin Investment Fund

Money is withdrawn only on Payeer with a minimum salary of 1 ruble. Payments are made on the machine, the money comes immediately.

To make even more money on Rgcoin, attract referrals. In addition to being paid a ruble for each participant, you will receive 5% of expenses and 1% of referrals income.

When using the Rgcoin service to make money, you need to take into account the status system, since there are some restrictions on it:

Rgcoin Cryptocurrency DogeCoin Investment Fund

In the column " Invested "it is not the replenishment amount that is displayed, but the money spent on tariffs. That is, you spend money already earned on the project and buy other tariffs, thereby improving your status.

Many now work with cryptocurrencies, as their course floats and you can make good money on it. You can use Dogecoin earnings in order to receive this currency without intermediaries and then independently exchange it for any other electronic money, it is much more profitable.

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