Rewriting as online work. Where to sell rewriting?

Hello Workion blog readers. ru. Rewriting of articles is one of the types of text content creation, in which materials or a semantic component of articles are partially copied.

Many webmasters use rewriting and today, this way of writing articles is welcomed on many services.

For example, exchanges of articles accept for sale not only materials that are created according to the individual idea of ​​the author, but also those texts that are already posted on the network, but have undergone any changes.

Why is there a heightened interest in rewriting? First, this is the most simple process of creating content, which saves a lot of time.

Secondly, rewriting prices are lower than copywriting. Thirdly, search engines perfectly index rewriting and, considering its uniqueness, such content can be called qualitative in some cases.

Rewriting as online work. Where to sell rewriting?

Types of rewriting

In principle, Internet experts have already begun to equate some part of the copywriting to rewriting, since most of the various topics have already been disclosed and webmasters fill their projects with information that is already present on the Internet.

Conditionally rewriting can be divided into 2 types, it is deep and superficial rewriting. From the names of these species, you can already guess about their essence. With a superficial rerait, the authors change words, use synonyms, rearrange words, modify sentences, but on the whole the text remains almost identical to the original.

A deep rewriting involves larger labor contributions, in which the authors initially read the article and then rewrite its contents in their own words, while leaving the same semantic component. Naturally, deep rewriting is much better, and in some cases, the authors manage to reshape the presentation of the material, much better than the original source.

Rewriting as online work. Where to sell rewriting?

Using rewriting, not only webmasters expand the information base of their sites, but also copywriters earn by implementing their work. Using exchanges to sell articles, competent rewriters can sell their articles as copywriting, because they are almost impossible to distinguish.

Thus, they achieve the increased value of their work and make their work more efficient.

If you are interested in making money on rewriting articles, try to take any article on the Internet and make some changes.

After your labors, check the article for uniqueness and make sure that you manage to achieve the desired result. Thus, you can organize your earnings, even if you are not able to come up with new ideas for articles.

How to rewrite the text correctly?

If you want the price to be worthy for the rewriting, you will have to try hard. You have to make sure that the original source remains far behind your material. This is not so easy to do, even a professional takes a long time.

Make it a rule not to even partially copy the text, and also to add something new. When rewriting an article is done, it is better to find several sources and compose a huge, detailed material from them. Also, never use the opinion of the author, it is better to express your opinion on a particular issue.

It is important, when changing the material, not to deviate much from the topic, and also not to pour a lot of water. This may adversely affect the quality. Nevertheless, it is necessary to transfer all the important points and try to make the text more informative.

Rewriting as online work. Where to sell rewriting?

SEO rewriting is the best option

Optimized articles buy much better, what benefits they bring to webmasters, there is no point in telling.

Using the source, you get the idea and the main content. You need to increase the uniqueness and make the material not like the original source. By optimizing you should get it.

Of course, you need to completely change the text , and through optimization, raise its value. What exactly can be done?

  1. Find keywords and dilute text with them.
  2. Add numbered and bulleted lists to the text.
  3. Split solid text into paragraphs.
  4. Add subtitles.
  5. Set image to article.
  6. Make the text volume as large as possible.
  7. Insert all sorts of footnotes and quotes.

In part, this will even increase the uniqueness of the material, but it is necessary to carry out optimization correctly. For example, for too frequent use of keywords, webmasters who posted such material can punish search engines (impose filters).

Some of the authors who do not even think about the development of their careers and regular customers will say that to me. If site owners will be subject to sanctions for your articles, they will never return to you and will certainly leave a negative review.

Rewriting as online work. Where to sell rewriting?

Where to sell rewriting?

Finding buyers may not be so easy. Some authors even place ads on the sale of texts on the forums, which is also a good option. Although it is much more efficient to use the rewriting and copywriting exchanges.

Here are the most popular services:

  1. —high quality requirements for texts, but also the highest rates. Before you get access to the articles store, you will have to complete 10 orders. You can simply join several social groups. networks. To withdraw, just dial $ 5, and funds are transferred to Webmoney.
  2. is a great alternative where there are many profitable orders. Even if you make mistakes in the articles, they will be accepted, but buyers will be warned about this. It is a lot of buyers, and having collected 250 rubles, they can be transferred to WMR a purse. In parallel with the sale of rewriting, you can sell photos.
  3. - if the uniqueness of your texts is constantly lame, use this exchange, here the requirements are understated. There are fewer buyers, and the minimum wage for withdrawal is 200 rubles. Be sure to attach photos to the materials, it increases the speed of their sale. Also, it would be nice to create a portfolio here.
  4. Wmmail is generally not an exchange of articles, but a click sponsor. It has a store of articles, which also contains text content for sale. Each article is checked by the moderators manually, the texts will not pass with errors, and the uniqueness should not be lower than 80% by Advego Plaguatus with a shingle 3.

You can use several exchanges, but never try to sell one and the other same material in different systems. If different customers buy it, you will have serious problems. Account can simply block and withdraw money will not work.

Rewriting as an online job

For some freelancers, this way of creating texts has already turned into a stable job. Site owners are not rarely looking for authors who are ready to conduct professional rewriting.

You can search for available offers and you can use the exchange:

Rewriting as online work. Where to sell rewriting?

There are many people who want to start writing articles with the original source, so you will have to surprise potential employers. Send effective applications for freelancing orders and then the chances of approval of your candidacy will increase.

Do not forget to evaluate the conditions offered by the employer:

Rewriting as online work. Where to sell rewriting?

Sometimes they are simply not profitable, although you will first have to take up any offers just to get positive feedback and raise the rating. Imagine that this is a small business that requires development.

Rewriting for beginners how much does it bring?

From the first day of earnings, do not even think that you will be able to collect a decent amount. Beginners first need to prove to all buyers that its materials really cost money.

Dumping helps to attract attention and gather positive feedback. What it is? Intentional undercharging. Try selling articles for 10-30 rubles per 1000 characters.

Once I tried to make money on rewriting and sold articles through the Etxt stock exchange. For development, prices were greatly underestimated, on the one hand, they had to work for pennies, on the other hand, they managed to quickly sell materials:

Rewriting as online work. Where to sell rewriting?

The most important thing is not to linger at low prices. You need to be active, write as much as possible, sell and gradually increase the cost of labor. This is the only way to bypass competitors and gain your base of regular customers.

When the rating rises, people will no longer pay so much attention to cost, as they will have confidence in quality.

A good author is a true professional in his field. If you decide to build a successful career in this area, you will have to learn a lot. Start by learning how to make hypnotic texts, this is a useful skill that buyers will definitely appreciate.

Although for rewriting payment and lower than for copywriting, you can also use it. Even as the main work, this option can be considered, because people are willing to pay decent money for good content, let it be copied from other sites.

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