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Leo. cash is an innovative platform that was created to monetize traffic around the world using push advertising. The main goal of the affiliate program of the service is to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between advertisers and webmasters. Leo traffic monetization platform. cash, reviews of which, more recently, are increasingly being found on the global web, are not a separate company. It is the daughter of the Megapu advertising network. sh. That, undoubtedly, is its additional plus and guarantee of stability.

The purpose of the article: to introduce you to the real face of the traffic monetization platform, which appeared relatively recently. So you can make your opinion about the profitability of participation in the affiliate program Leo. cash.

Leo work model. cash

Rev Share - payment for clicks of site readers who subscribed by push advertising, with rates at the maximum rate (90%).

How does the Leo affiliate program work? cash?

The principle of affiliate buying push subscriptions is pretty simple. But, nevertheless, it is worth summarizing it for those who still remained on the sidelines.

  • The owner of the Internet resource puts the code of the push-affiliate on his website;
  • After that, the user who visits this resource will receive an offer to subscribe to push notifications;
  • If the user agrees, then periodically after the subscription, the service will send him a native push advertisement;
  • As a result, the webmaster receives a daily passive income from each click of the subscribed user on a push advertisement.

One of the positive features of such a subscriber base is that along with the increase in the number of subscribers, the profit also grows.

Check how the program works; each webmaster can, having gone all the way on his own. To demonstrate the operation of the service, on the site Leo. cash you need to click the virtual button "Subscribe”, and then - "Get push advertising".

The basic toolkit of the service

Standard is a form of subscription to a push advertisement, where there are no restrictions on access to content.

Page Locker is a tool by which the user is limited access to site content before a subscription to a push-notification.

Content Locker is a tool that restricts access to content fragments, as well as some actions on the site.

Video Locker is a tool that restricts access to video content and does not allow the video to continue until the user signs or blocks the request for a push notification.

Button Lock is a tool that allows you to set a subscription window call to any button on the site selected by the webmaster (most often, this is the DOWNLOAD button). When you click on the button, the site user will open a window with a motivational text about making a subscription, which will dim the content selected by the site owner for this purpose.

Benefits of Leo. cash

  • A wide selection of tools designed to maximize profits from the monetization of the resource.
  • Convenient monitoring of statistics. The system has a built-in tracker to track all the necessary statistical data in real time with an intuitive control. At the same time, the webmaster, if he considers it necessary, has the ability to configure a third-party tracker.
  • Full coverage of Internet users. Webmasters can monetize their resources without restrictions. Thanks Leo. cash, monetization of traffic from around the world.
  • Variety of supported operating systems and browsers. Supported operating systems - Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, in which you can from desktop browsers - Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex, Mozilla, Safari and mobile - Google Chrome, Opera, Samsung browser, Android browser.
  • Regular payments and a variety of supported payment systems. Payments are made every week, on Friday at the request of the past week. You can withdraw funds to: ePayments, WebMoney, Yandex, Qiwi, BTC, Wire Transfer, Transfers to Visa and MasterCard credit cards. The minimum allowable amount is $ 20.
  • The maximum possible profit. High rates on push advertising provide maximum revenue in the shortest possible time.
  • Customization tools. The affiliate program provides an individual approach to each webmaster - the toolkit adapts to any resource.
  • No conflicts. This type of monetization does not conflict with other advertising on the site and search engines. At the moment, it is considered relatively safe in terms of search engine sanctions, including Yandex, which has tightened its requirements.
  • High quality native advertising.

Pitfalls of push monetization

Even the most profitable affiliate program has its own pitfalls.When it comes to monetizing an online resource, every site owner has concerns. And, it cannot be said that these fears are unfounded. There is a well-known negative image, formed by a huge number of noname affiliate sites, which both appear and disappear quickly and without a trace (make a push-affiliate program with a minimum.

Megapu. Sh, is protected by a certain halo of solidity of the company “mother.” Despite the fact that the advertising network of Megapu. Sh appeared only in the early spring of 2018, today it has already earned a good reputation and strong authority among webmasters. other important argument in favor at Leo. cash - Rev Share at 90%.


Leo. cash is an affiliate for the purchase of Megapu. sh can be considered reliable and stable The growing profit. The user base attracted by you will be interesting to thousands of advertisers, ensuring the maximum profitability of your Internet resource. And unlike other similar affiliate programs, here you will receive a real and decent payment. newsletter!


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