Review Tokendrops - airdrop aggregator, collection instructions

Investments in cryptocurrency are relevant as never before. The main question is which tokens should you buy?

All have their own strategy, one of the common options, the purchase of new and little-known coins. But it is not necessary to invest in it, because some projects distribute tokens almost for nothing.

The aggregator of airdrop of new tokens helps to find companies that distribute coins. They open almost every day, but the most interesting projects come here.

They are all tied to Ethereum, belong to the ERC20 type, so you will need a purse for one or other ETH wallets with support for tokens.

Review Tokendrops - airdrop aggregator, collection instructions

Does it make sense to collect airplanes?

For everything that is distributed on the Internet for free, it’s negative opinion. People stopped believing that it’s realistic to start from scratch and even get prospects for development.

Some Airdrop generate income, albeit small, but for free. I presented my own results in the video:

The developers of ICO Startup are themselves interested in the distribution of tokens. Their value depends on popularity, and how to explain to people that their coins are promising? Easier to immediately introduce them to the market. In addition, the holders themselves will help promote the project.

You can get free new coins from promising video hosting


First you collect tokens that cost no more than candy wrappers. But when the project develops, and its coins are gaining popularity, their value increases.

There were examples when for several months the prices of tokens grew more than 100 times. It will be even better if you leave them for the long term.

What tokens can now be obtained from Airdrop?

The initial distribution of tokens is usually time limited. Therefore, the search for suitable companies are complicated.

Many sites publish clips, only they lose their relevance too quickly. Tokendrops online monitors this market. Right now through it you can get coins of the following ICO projects:

  • Kryptobits;
  • Rouge;
  • Aqua Intel;
  • SprintX;
  • REGO;
  • TokenChanger;
  • Impressio;
  • AirPod;
  • BrainerZ;
  • Worldex ;
  • Cryptosolarenergy;
  • MOBU;
  • Vivalid;
  • Ligercoin;
  • Invwsta;
  • HashCard;
  • Tip Blockchain.

The list is constantly updated, some tokens go to the CompletedAirdrop list, others are added. In addition, the project even has its own airdropTokenDrops.

Registration for Tokendrops

To use the service, you need to register. It is standard, specifies mail, password and username:

Review Tokendrops - airdrop aggregator, collection instructions

Please note that some mail services do not receive an activation letter, it is better to use Gmail. The letter contains an activation link, until you click on it, it’s impossible to enter your personal account:

Review Tokendrops - airdrop aggregator, collection instructions

After logging in via the sidebar, immediately add the address of your ETH wallet and link your social accounts networks:

Review Tokendrops - airdrop aggregator, collection instructions

Attach at least one page to perform tasks with subscriptions. Most often, Telegram, Twitter and Facebook are suggested.

How to collect tokens through Tokendrops?

Even if you do not specify an Ethereum wallet and do not attach accounts, you can collect tokens. To do this, first go to the OngoingAirDrops section and select any airdrop in the list:

Review Tokendrops - airdrop aggregator, collection instructions

When you click on one of the airdrop, information about the company appears. There you will see a link to go to the site and read the Whitepaper. You will also receive tasks for which tokens are awarded:

Review Tokendrops - airdrop aggregator, collection instructions

In this case, you are asked to subscribe to the Email newsletter, Telegram and Twitter. Click the Follow button and you can immediately close the page, the task will be considered completed.

While this bug works, but they write on the forums that it is better to perform actions. All AirProps in which you participate are displayed in your account:

Review Tokendrops - airdrop aggregator, collection instructions

As soon as the ICO company ends, tokens will be distributed. The dates are indicated on the site, some distributions have already been completed, and users have received their coins.

How to get even more tokens?

In the personal account, under the list for connecting pages from social networks, there is a referral link:

Review Tokendrops - airdrop aggregator, collection instructions

There is no information on TokenDrops on the affiliate program, so the conditions are set by the ICO companies themselves. You attract new members and for this you get additional tokens. The code turns into a link, you just need to click on it.

My review of Tokendrops

I could not find user feedback on this site. Partly because the project is young. Also through it, while few tokens were received, people just did not have time to appreciate all its advantages.

However, they are obvious, because after spending a few minutes, you can collect a lot of promising coins absolutely free.

Think about yourself, what are you losing and what are your risks? Spending a little time and collecting coins, you get a chance to become richer. After all, you cannot be sure that in a couple of years the received tokens will not cost $ 1000 each.

And this is quite likely, but we recommend selling them as soon as cost rises, because it is often a temporary phenomenon.

The investment portfolio needs to be expanded, in addition to airdrop, you can buy obscure tokens. Separating even a dollar for each of them, prospects appear. Pay attention to


The new platform Tokendrops is developing rapidly. It has already added a lot of airdrop, and some of them are not found on similar resources.

We hope that the review will be informative, we are waiting for your questions and ask to leave feedback if you have already used the project.

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