Review PrivateFX / reviews / - SCAM. The project does not pay. - Profit Hunter

Review PrivateFX / reviews / - SCAM. The project does not pay. - Profit Hunter

Attention! Do not invest! Project in scam. For over a month there has been no payment. If they start to pay, then for a short while due to the terrible reputation of the broker.

PrivateFX Review / reviews / under cat.

Objectives of this article: explain why PrivateFX was included in my investment portfolio. com, as well as assess the risks when investing in the PAMM accounts of this particular broker.

Why PrivateFX: Pros and Cons

Advantages of PrivateFX:

  • A large number of successful managers who have switched to Private from Forex Trend.
  • Many top managers who can copy their transactions for a good fee, which confirms the reality of these traders ( more on this later in the Active Investor section ).
  • The possibility of obtaining good bonuses when investing in the 1 + 1 program. This is a balance transfer program or buying someone else's funds from Forex Trend. Apparently, this was the responsibility of Prayvet when buying the Forex-Trend business balance. com.
  • It seems that in the first days of May, an audit of the Privet from someone from the big four begins.
  • The main shareholder of PrivateFX is the general director of the investment company Concorde Capital, Igor Aleksandrovich Mazepa.
  • Many financial instruments.
  • In the near future, they promise to realize the placement of funds in the accounts of leading European banks, which will allow covering non-trading risks of up to 100 thousand euros. This is especially true after the events with Forex Trend.
  • A huge number of methods of depositing funds.
  • PrivateFX Liquidity Providers: Interactive Brokers, LMAX, Exante. According to the company's CEO, Alexander Bykov, several good suppliers are still in the process of connection: FXCM, ADS Securities.

Tar / disadvantages:

  • So far, the audit of the big four only promise, but soon.
  • Placement of investors' funds in European banks is also only a promise.
  • Offshore company registration in Belize.
  • A rather closed company structure. Who exactly owns the company and in what parts?

I don’t know if these 4 spoonfuls of tar can ruin a barrel of honey, but the returns from investing in PAMM accounts cloud the mind. Who prevents to throw money on the program 1 + 1 and withdraw all the profits? With proper investment for half a year, you will withdraw all invested funds.

If you have problems with the right investments or are afraid to invest in offshore brokers, write (profithunter @ mail. Ru). I will recommend European brokers, help with portfolio compilation and much more.

Risks of investments in PAMM accounts of PrivateFX

Risks can be divided into 2 groups: trading and non-trading.

Non-trading risks are the risk that companies will not become together with your money in one moment. This problem is promised to be solved in the near future through interaction with European banks. But while the problem is not solved, and it is not known exactly how it will be solved and when.

Trade risks are the risks of "drawdown" / loss on investments. These risks can be significantly reduced by investing in several managers (diversifying risks within the broker), as well as by choosing the right PAMM portfolio.

I can help reduce trade risks to my referrals by recommending the composition of the portfolio, and non-trading ones by recommending brokers with a guarantee of up to 100 thousand euros. Write - profithunter @ mail. Ru.

The Active Investor Account or an AI Account is an account in which the manager opens transactions not only on the basis of of their knowledge, but also by copying the deals of other PrivateFX traders.

What does it mean

The investor may try to significantly reduce the commissions that the managers receive, and, if successful, can start attracting investments in management.

If you have experience as a trader, no one bothers to add your transactions or close unsuccessful transactions copied from other managers.

Example of successful AI accounts PrivateFX

Chose AI -accounts, with the managers of which I am familiar from the Forex Trend.

Hozyin (2370)

Maximum drawdown: 2.18%

Average weekly income for an investor: 4. 15%

Review PrivateFX / reviews / - SCAM. The project does not pay. - Profit Hunter

PrivateFX reviews: Hozyin AI-account

AlexZhuk (3453)

Maximum drawdown: 5. 9%

Average weekly earnings for investor: 4. 15%

Review PrivateFX / reviews / - SCAM. The project does not pay. - Profit Hunter

Reviews of PrivateFX: AI account AlexZhuk

My reviews about PrivateFx. com

After 4 weeks of investment, I can say that while the broker’s functionality looks unfinished, with some oddities. But it is quite enough for investing.

It also sometimes scares that when investing in a PAMM account money is withdrawn, but the PAMM account itself appears in the list of investments after 10 minutes. When this situation arose for the first time, I immediately wrote to the support service, which did not worked 🙂

But, judging by the last activity, all these problems will be solved soon.Very much now the broker is developing.

As regards the main thing, I am satisfied with the result of investments over this period. Money withdraw without problems.


I tried to write a PrivateFX review. com as objectively as possible , and about PrivateFX reviews as subjectively as possible . As always, I am waiting for your objective and subjective comments.

For everyone who is on my blog for the first time, I recommend visiting the page " Investing in PAMM-accounts ". There is my report on investments in the PAMMs of this broker.

The plans to write articles and about other brokers with whom I work. And also about other types of investments that I use.

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