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The importance of link promotion goes to the background. Methods that a few years ago allowed for free display of sites in the TOP, today are ineffective and even harmful. However, it is now possible to increase links for free and with benefit, only the choice of methods should be approached carefully.

Behavioral factors (hereinafter PF) - that's what's really important now. If the site is useful to living people, they actively comment on it, repost it on the social network, come back there again, the project will be successful (even if its creators were not very careful about content optimization). Such a site can bypass today even a competitor who is ideally optimized, but has the worst PF.

However, this does not mean that external or internal SEO is useless. It should help search engines easier to navigate the site, to improve the indicators of user behavior. Clean code, no duplicates, fast downloads, even build-up of high-quality links are all important. Despite the tendency to leveling the importance of link mass by search engines, it still works (but for or against it depends on the optimizer).

What follows from the above? The fact that the reference mass obtained in different ways is effective in:

  • simulating its naturalness;
  • the normal quality of the donor site (not the TOS);
  • taking into account relevance content on the donor site;
  • traffic from external links.

It is for this reason that we will not consider all sorts of runs on catalogs, profiles for receiving backlinks. Most of them are spammed by outgoing links and do not give virtually any traffic. It is not necessary to speak about naturalness with such runs either, and the PS already know about it. Thus, clogging a “white” website with garbage (albeit free) links means at least putting it at risk of being reduced in issue.

Ways to get free backlinks

№1 - Guest posts. The classical method, however, is still relevant. Guest post is a post written by the author for a third-party blog / site in exchange for placing links to the resource of this author. The method works great because you can organically and naturally enter the link into the relevant content. PS will appreciate it. In addition, if the site for placement is not HS and not a link washer, you will add weight to your project and get live traffic. Important: guest posts should be placed on relevant sites and make them interesting to the audience of the donor site.

How to search? Elementary: you drive in the request "I accept guest posts" to Google or Yandex - and select sites for publishing your articles. Read the conditions under which the author places third-party posts. Then, write to him, if necessary - make some changes in the text and wait for publication. Check that the link is not closed from indexing with noindex and nofollow. Note: the texts must be unique. Moreover, the higher the value of the material, the greater the chance that the author of the donor site will want to share it with its subscribers (= even more traffic).

# 2 - The method of searching for broken links on the donor site. With it, you can find valuable Internet resources that even for a fee do not publish other people's links, not to mention the free placement. From such sites you can get a very high-quality backlink. Of course, it will take time, but it's worth it.

Where to look? Bad links are often found in blogs that have been around for several years. As a rule, these are trust resources. It is possible that the author simply ceased to be engaged in the site or does not know about broken links. They appear, for example, when a web resource moves to another engine and the url of articles changes. To begin with, we find sites in the TOPs of blog ratings. And already on them we look for non-working url. One search option is the free Xenu program. Found a link? Look at what page it is located on and what the topic is on this page. Now write in your blog a detailed and exhaustive article on the same / similar topic. If something similar is already there - even better. Then tell the author that he has a broken link and suggest instead putting the url on your article. Of course, he has the right to refuse, but for the sake of a chance to get a weighty link you should try, and with different resources. Some owners will respond.

No. 3 - Exchange. You can swap your posts. For example, do a review of a third-party blog with a link from yourself and ask its author in return to do the same for you. Moreover, it is not about the exchange of guards, when the url with anchor is at the end or the beginning of the post. We need to get a link organically surrounded by relevant text.

Where to look? On SEO forums, (for example, on maultalk. Com). There are topics dedicated to link exchange. Find offers from sites with similar themes and about similar puzomerkami, or write your ad about the exchange.Also, you can search for blogs / sites in directories, ratings.

# 4 - Dofollow-blogs. These are the resources on which you can put indexed links in the comments. Of course, the weight in this way you add negligible, as outgoing links to them a large number. However, with the proper approach to you, the traffic will go, which will lead to an improvement in the PF and all the bonuses relying on it. Subscribe to a certain number of Dofollow blogs and consciously comment on new posts (the first commentators collect the most traffic). Do not spam: spam does not give good results.

Where to look? In PS on request "Dofollow-blogs."

# 5 - contests. Conduct contests to participate in which you will need to put a link, make a repost, etc. If this is a creative competition, people will also want to refer to you if you post the work of the participants. As a prize, you can choose some of your information product, product or service.

# 6. Article announcement services, such as webice. ru, grabr. ru and others. Announce posts and get extra traffic. This way you can speed up the indexing of fresh posts.

# 7. Search engines catalogs: Yandex, Rambler, DMOZ. There is a fairly strict moderation, and not all of its sites are. However, it is worth trying to add there, since the placement will give credibility to your resource.

The trends of modern promotion are such that attention should be paid to the quality of the reference mass, and not to its quantity. Do not chase the number of links. Try to increase the thematic backlinks, imitating the naturalness of their appearance (bezankorny promotion, lack of reference explosions, a variety of sources).

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