Reverse golden rule of business, how to apply the opposite rule?

Having the desire to build your own business, most likely, you will start with a study of related information that will help you gain a lot of theoretical knowledge. It is very important for learning to choose not general information, but more narrow directions.

For example, you decided to build an information business, therefore, you need to look for information specifically for this activity.

Why is it not possible to study general information? You can study anything, but some tips and recommendations from general data may not be suitable for you. An excellent example is the golden rule, written in most business books " First you need to create a product, and then organize marketing activities ".

Reverse golden rule of business, how to apply the opposite rule?

Learn to a specific business

The rule mentioned above can be much more effective in the information business if you use it in the reverse order. In other words, you initially need to get an audience of people interested in something, and after that offer them what they need most.

Many online businessmen face the same problem. They create a quality website, develop useful information products, but due to the low amount of traffic, their resources do not receive enough sales. Now you should understand why the reverse rule works more efficiently.

Reverse golden rule of business, how to apply the opposite rule?

How to apply the opposite rule?

First of all, we develop a resource that can attract a large audience of users. For example, it can be any blog, after its launch and development, the audience of your readers can be used for sales. Given their interests, questions, comments and opinions, you can figure out what they need and what kind of goods they will buy from you.

When you have gathered enough information about the target audience and its preferences, start developing an information product. It will be much easier for you to compose the content of the product if you have the necessary information for this. Do you think this is too complicated? But this is the best way to a successful infobusiness.

The reverse golden rule of the business in the field of information business works very effectively, therefore, first organize the sources of traffic, and only then develop the product and offer it to the target audience. It will be much better if there are several such sources, for example, create a blog and supplement it with a forum.

Also, do not forget that at the expense of your site you will not only receive traffic, but also gain the confidence of potential customers.

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