Requests for freelancing orders - how to do them correctly?

Not many freelancers manage to find a lot of regular customers who stably supply them with work and use services.

That is why most of the remote workers are forced to use freelance exchanges and apply for the execution of various orders.

Applying for an order does not give a 100% guarantee that the employer agrees to cooperate with you, so you need to learn how to make them so that they increase your chances. Requests for freelancing orders - how to do them correctly? In this article we will tell you what you need to write in the application to make it more efficient.

Requests for freelancing orders - how to do them correctly?

Correct applications of freelancers

If you want your offers to be more often accepted by customers, use the following components of the text.

  1. Greetings. Be sure to start with a greeting, it’s not at all difficult to do, and such a beginning will show your politeness and good manners, which creates a pleasant impression.
  2. Presentation of services. Further you will need to present your services, as well as to describe in detail about your activities. It will be great if you submit a link to your portfolio, so that the examples of works will tell about your professionalism for you. This can also include significant achievements (for example, cooperation with major sites or well-known webmasters).
  3. Implementation options. To a potential customer was sure that you are really a professional, offer him several options for doing the work. This option is not available for all types of work. For example, you can offer to perform website promotion using various methods, from direct advertising to using social networks or using SEO optimization.
  4. Contacts. In order for customers not to experience difficulties in communication, you will need to create several types of contacts and, if possible, constantly use them. For example, it is inconvenient for some to communicate via email or ICQ, give them the opportunity to call you on Skype or leave a message on social networks.

Requests for freelancing orders - how to do them correctly?

If your applications are any different from other offers of performers, the customer will appreciate this and will consider your candidacy as one of the best options. Make applications effective and stand out, the only way you can "interrupt" orders.

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