Repkafarm - Turnip Farm (scam)

If it seems to you that it is impossible to consistently receive passive income on the Internet, then you are mistaken.

There are quite a few proven services where you can create sources of income and earn money without doing anything at all.

One such project is Repkafarm, an investment game.

A farm of turnip with a withdrawal of money invites everyone to buy some fantastic characters who will pull out the turnip. It’s up to you how much to invest; the more you invest, the more you earn. In general, the game is simple, but now we will describe in detail what you need to do.

Repkafarm - Turnip Farm (scam)

Playing Scam

Passive Earnings for Repkafarm

First of all, after passing the registration, replenish your account, at least 7 rubles. You can do this through Payeer or Perfect Money.

Whichever of these options you choose, the 100% bonus is waiting for you when you first refill. T. E. You get 14 rubles , but the cheapest character costs 15 rubles. It remains to collect the daily bonus, and you, with deposits of only 7 rubles, can start playing.

Of course, for 15 rubles you buy the cheapest character - a mouse, so don’t look forward to large deductions. If you want to earn decently, then invest more money:

Repkafarm - Turnip Farm (scam)

As you see, the grandfather collects the most, but it costs 2500 rubles. However, you will need to invest only half of this amount, since the first deposit has a 100% bonus.

A bonus of 100% is charged only on the first deposit, subsequent deposits are accompanied by a bonus of 50%.

After purchasing the characters, you will need to enter the game to send a turnip to the warehouse:

Repkafarm - Turnip Farm (scam)

How much will you receive from the sale of this product, decide for yourself. The administration provides 3 options to choose from:

Repkafarm - Turnip Farm (scam)

The most profitable option is to buy game money, but it is suitable only for the development of its farm. If you want to immediately make a profit, then sell the turnip to the merchant.

What else is interesting on Repkafarm?

  • there are separate daily bonuses for each character;
  • Repkafarm - Turnip Farm (scam)

  • you can enter the village and receive a salary every day;
  • Repkafarm - Turnip Farm (scam)

  • you can take part in referral contests;
  • Repkafarm - Turnip Farm (scam)

  • get 15% from deposits of players you will attract;
  • when exchanging game currency, you get 50%;
  • Repkafarm - Turnip Farm (scam)

  • play lotto for 50 rubles and win 150 rubles.
  • Repkafarm - Turnip Farm (scam)

There are no payment points here, you can honestly withdraw your money from 1 ruble to the Payeer payment system.

Well, so that you have no doubt that the project is paying, and you can definitely return the money invested - here is a screenshot:

Repkafarm - Turnip Farm (scam)

Despite the fact that Repkafarm has appeared quite recently, dozens of users withdraw money from it every day, which is reflected in the statistics of payments. Try it and make a profitable investment with minimal investment. It is possible that in the future they will cancel the 100% bonus on the first deposit.

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