Remove broken links to WordPress

Creating a website and hoping that it will bring serious profit, many newbies consider this an easy way to make money.

For a platform to become a source of decent income, you have to spend a lot of time on her accompaniment.

The duties of the webmaster include many different actions, and now we will consider one of them.

Removing broken links to WordPress is necessary for every site that exists for several months or years. Over time, the site accumulates too many links that translate into error pages.

All these links have a negative effect on optimization, and you can remove them quickly using a special plug-in.

Remove broken links to WordPress

How to remove broken links?

Many blog owners do not attach much importance to broken links, believing that they simply have nowhere to appear. Broken links on the site may appear for the following reasons:

  • commentators' resources were closed;
  • the services you told the readers were closed;
  • the sites stopped working, which indicated the sold links;
  • you deleted or moved pages of your site.

To quickly find all of this reference mass that you need to get rid of, use the extension. A simple and free extension is easy to configure and does an excellent job with its purpose.

How to find broken links?

1. Install and activate the plugin.

2. Go to the settings on the General tab and set the auto check every 720 hours (once a month) in order not to load the server:

Remove broken links to WordPress

3. On the Whish Links To Check tab, select all link types to accurately identify all links:

Remove broken links to WordPress

4. Wait one day and get a complete list of links and error data:

Remove broken links to WordPress

5. Delete all broken links manually.

Automatically the plugin does not delete the links, so you have to do this routine work manually. The easiest way is to delete comments, just mark them and delete, but with links in the texts you will have to sweat.

If you have more than 100 broken links, you have to spend a lot of time processing the materials. Why not just delete them? This may adversely affect the readability of the text , but to save time, it will do.

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