Remote interview, tips for beginners

Modern people already understand how important it is to understand the Internet.

This technology breaks all records and opens up a bunch of new features. Including, through the World Wide Web you can earn money. It is not just about a side job, but about a stable job with a good salary.

How to pass an interview for remote work? This is the main question that a newbie should know the answer to.

As in real life, the employer wants to hire a professional and be sure that he is a responsible, competent and honest person. It is for this and held personal conversations.

Remote interview, tips for beginners

Work remotely, skype interview

Before you are invited for an interview, you need to find an employer. For this work freelance exchanges.

Every day there are new offers for a permanent job. Remote employees do not require formal employment, they do not have to organize a workplace and payment is for the result, not a sat down chair.

Employers understand how profitable this is, so many people collect it via the Internet:

Remote interview, tips for beginners

There are so many people who want to work without leaving home so that your application can just get lost among other people's suggestions. Therefore, you need to offer your candidacy to several people at once. If several employers agree, just say that you have already found a job.

In addition, your offer to take a vacant place should be different from others. Also, as applications for freelance orders, you need to properly execute the appeal.

The most effective method is to offer something from yourself, an additional service or to look at a project, and make a proposal for improving something. Fresh ideas and related skills will play into your hands.

Remote interview, tips for beginners

Not all employers communicate with candidates online. When you try to get a job in a large company where remote work is offered and the interview is conducted in Moscow.

For example, if you look at Yandex jobs, then there are many offers, but you need to go to another city for official employment:

Remote interview, tips for beginners

If you are offered a remote interview, you need to prepare for it. Arrange the appearance in order and dress in strict clothes.

Your employer must make sure that you are serious and worthy candidate .

Also listen to these tips:

  1. Some interviews are conducted in text mode (by correspondence). It is better to prepare in advance for this, write out the appropriate phrases. If there are problems with spelling, use different services, or at least hammer text into Word first.
  2. To be in the know, study in detail the vacant place. Familiarize yourself with the company's activities, project goals, and other subtleties. You need to know exactly what is involved in the process of a business conversation.
  3. You can talk a lot about yourself, giving different reasons. The best indicator of professionalism is a portfolio. Tell us about where you worked, what and share the results.
  4. You may be offered a part-time job to do additional work. Do not be afraid of this, agree, but do not tell lies about your skills. If training is offered, why not get new knowledge and practice.

Remote work is attractive in every sense, only not everyone is able to quickly find a good place to work. But if it is not correct to send applications or refuse remote interviews, then it is not possible to find a good job at all.

Every day thousands of people pass a remote interview, and only a small percentage of this audience gets a job in the network. Why? Because not everyone reads such articles before a serious conversation with a future employer.

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