Refinement tasks for Wmmail. Job Refinement Feature

Every day more and more users begin to work with the Wmmail system, and the main activity is the fulfillment of tasks.

Now this mailer has more than 10,000 active tasks, and the administration is doing everything so that customers and executors have convenient to cooperate.

Refinement of tasks for Wmmail is a very useful function, which is needed both by employers and those who earn money. Unfortunately, some users inattentively read the conditions and perform only a part of the task, and in order not to refuse to pay them, the advertiser can send them for revision.

Function of completion of tasks

If you see such an icon when entering your profile, it means that one or several tasks you have completed have been sent for completion. You can click on it or go to the section with tasks and go to the task list for finalization, through a special block:

Refinement tasks for Wmmail. Job Refinement Feature

Click on the link highlighted in red and you will see a list with tasks that need to be completed:

Refinement tasks for Wmmail. Job Refinement Feature

We have only one task to complete, and if we go to its description, we can find out the reason for the refusal of payment. When you open the task, you will see its detailed description:

Refinement tasks for Wmmail. Job Refinement Feature

In general, the task is simple, you need to find the channel, subscribe to it, put likes under the video, write a comment and share the video through social network. You need to send a login to the report, which we did, but the advertiser did not confirm the execution:

Refinement tasks for Wmmail. Job Refinement Feature

In this image, at the very top, the sent report "Login Workion" is presented. But the task was sent for revision, because we forgot to put 30 likes, as indicated in the requirements.

Well, now we can once again go to the channel from the task, put the likes and re-specify our login in the form of the finalized report.

If after completion you complete all the requirements, then a reward will be credited to your account. In general, it is better to try to fulfill all the conditions at once, because some advertisers may not send tasks for revision, but simply refuse to pay.

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