Referral links. Earnings on referral networks

Virtually every service on the Internet that accepts payment or provides an opportunity for remote earnings uses an affiliate program.

By running such a scheme, anyone can invite new participants to the system, and from their expenses or income, receive a certain percentage.

The prospect of the development of the referral network is an excellent reason to think about this type of activity. But few people know that by registering on different sites and using them, they bring money to someone. You can also start doing this, you just need to understand some of the subtleties.

Referral links. Earnings on referral networks

To a beginner, you first need to explain what a referral link is. This is a link to the resource to which the prefix is ​​added, and it is by this that it is determined who exactly invited the new user.

For example, in the Wmmail system, the link might look like http: // www. wmmail ru / index. php? ref = Drugan17. As you can see, the address of the site is indicated first, and at the end of the address is the login of the person who invites you to the system. Sometimes, instead of a login, a member ID is written in such links.

Referral links may look different in different systems. For example, the address can be completely changed or when using an affiliate link, it is redirected to the main page.

Where can I get referral links?

As a rule, they are provided by the system. You can find them inside your profile by going to the section with the corresponding name. Again, consider an example on the Wmmail system:

Referral links. Earnings on referral networks

There is a separate section where different referral links are shown. Some affiliate programs within profiles do not provide such links, since the affiliate program is launched as a separate resource. Therefore, you will need to look for a link for partners on the site, and then register on a separate site and then receive the necessary link.

TIP: Some users specifically remove add-ons from links to go directly to sites. You can force them to follow the referral link by shortening it. Where and how to shorten the links we have already told, and after processing the addresses are much shorter, which makes them more natural.

Where to distribute referral links?

The best way to attract new users to different systems is to create your own website. The option is difficult and time-consuming, but with its use you are waiting for the best results. And besides making money on referrals, you can use other methods of monetization of the site.

In general, you can place affiliate links anywhere - in social. networks, forums, blog comments and so on. The most important thing is not to spam, but to describe the service (at least in a couple of sentences) in order to make more sense.

Affiliate programs can make a lot of money if they are properly used. Look for better ways to attract referrals and distribute your links with all methods available to you. When you dial a large network of invited users, you will consistently receive contributions without your participation.

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