Redex overview - instructions, registration and reviews

The Internet is gradually moving from the category of the most popular forms of entertainment to a huge niche for earning. Users can make a profit without getting up from the computer chair in different ways.

Financial pyramids and other MLM projects are afraid of many, but there are proven projects that offer favorable terms.

Website - making money on a financial pyramid is offered here as the simplest, but when you see the tariff plans and understand marketing, you will have no doubts.

At the beginning of 2016, when the system was launched, no one believed that it would work for a long time, but today they even have their own product, which allows them to replenish their reserves.

Redex overview - instructions, registration and reviews

History and Redex Overview

In recent years, many pyramids have been opened, which were soon closed. The Redex project deserves respect, because it is not only not closed, but it is booming . In February and March 2016, the system indicators soared and it was from that moment that everyone started registering here.

Redex overview - instructions, registration and reviews

Quite recently, Redex was an ordinary financial pyramid with a classical scheme. There were no products, just attract referrals and get a part of their contributions. The most common marketing, but everything has changed.

The site has changed beyond recognition, it has become much better, and the company has added its own product to the market.

Redex overview - instructions, registration and reviews

This is the statistics of the last payments from the system, as you see, every second money is withdrawn. As for the system's products, they have developed their own cryptocurrency, you can learn more about it through the official website. Judging by the development of the company, their coins should also grow in value.

Redex tariff plans

Despite all the actions of the developers, their project remains a profitable pyramid. Now they have added new tariffs, all information on them is available in the personal account on the Unlimited Series page. We now consider the main packages available for earnings on the site as a partner.

Register on the site right now, attracting people is not necessary. For you, other users can do this to develop their networks.

A total of 7 sites are available to users. The transition is carried out gradually. That is, you first need to fill in the first platform, then the second, and so on. In addition, the latter two are available only with VIP status.

Here is the information on 5 basic tariffs:

  1. Partner - will cost 0. 005 BTC. To close this site, you need to fill a pyramid with a dimension of 2x5 (2 referrals at 5 levels). You will receive 0. 155 BTC at the output.
  2. Manager - you need to pay 0. 064 BTC, there will be 4 levels in the matrix, also 2 people each. At the end you get 0. 96 BTC.
  3. Top manager - you invest 0. 5 BTC, you get 3. 5 BTC at the exit. The matrix consists of 3 levels.
  4. Leader - investments 2 BTC, output 6. 2 BTC, here the matrix is ​​only 2-level, there are 2 people for them.
  5. Director - costs 4. 326 BTC, here are 5 levels, so the profit is impressive (almost 140 BTC).

Depending on what level you are at, incomes also change. At today's rate, for the purchase of the first platform will need to invest about $ 13. Find at least a couple of people in your network, and if they do it too, you will receive almost $ 400 for completing the matrix.

As for the maximum VIP and Boss statuses, to use them you will need to purchase VIP access for 10 BTC. This is a lot of money, besides, 55 and 225 Bitcoins, respectively, will have to be paid for the sites. Matrices in both cases are only 2 levels, when filling they bring 495 and 2025 BTC.

Registering with Redex

Becoming a member of this unique project is a breeze. There is a button on the official website for registration, right there you can choose the Russian language to make it easier to use the resource:

Redex overview - instructions, registration and reviews

When you create an account, you must fill out a special form. It contains personal data and security settings. Everything is simple, just like when registering on any other site:

Redex overview - instructions, registration and reviews

An email is sent to the specified mail with a link to confirm registration. When you click on it, the authorization page will open:

Redex overview - instructions, registration and reviews

That's all, becoming a client of the company is as easy as creating a page on social networks. After authorization, you can immediately make a deposit and buy the first platform to attract referrals.

Personal Account Redex, familiarity with the interface

Logging on to the profile you will see all the information on your account. How many referrals are on your sites, balance, number of visits. It also shows statistics on the most recently joined users and transactions:

Redex overview - instructions, registration and reviews

In general, the site interface is simple and convenient.Through the side menu you go to any section, the Russian language is, although in some places there is not enough high-quality translation, everything is clear. In the "My sites" are all tariff plans. As already mentioned, you can only go over them gradually:

Redex overview - instructions, registration and reviews

You need to start from the first platform - Partner. Under it there are two buttons to explore the details and go to payment. Clicking on the blue button you will see another button in the upper right corner:

Redex overview - instructions, registration and reviews

It is necessary to replenish the balance by transferring to the selected BTC wallet. We press the button and get the account number:

Redex overview - instructions, registration and reviews

Funds can be transferred through any Bitcoin wallet or exchanger. If the second option suits you best, then look for a profitable course for. In general, you will definitely need to have a wallet, because payments will then come to it:

Redex overview - instructions, registration and reviews

For example, I will make a transfer and pay for the first matrix. I enter the received number of the wallet, indicating the amount in accordance with the requirements. After the transfer, the following information appears in the "My sites" section:

Redex overview - instructions, registration and reviews

This shows the revenue from the site, how many referrals are needed to close the matrix and how many percent have already done the work. You can begin to attract new members. The link appears when you click on the profile icon:

Redex overview - instructions, registration and reviews

Then everything is like in any other affiliate program. Users will register by your link, replenish their balance sheets, open their own matrix. You will be charged with this profit. Also via the profile pop-up menu you can order withdrawals:

Redex overview - instructions, registration and reviews

Transfers are available only on BTC wallets. Your account number must be specified in your account. If you do not have a wallet, conduct the reverse operation through exchangers.

It will also be possible to indicate the number obtained and immediately convert Bitcoins into rubles, dollars, hryvnias and other national currencies.

How to attract people to Redex?

It’s not so easy to lure users into an MLM project. It is important not to try to deceive someone by promising passive income. It is better to immediately say that earnings solely on attracting referrals and help in this matter.

On the Redex website, referrers build matrices by connecting new members to their teams for referrals. Therefore, you can promise your referrals starting development.
It will be beneficial for both parties. The most effective method of attraction is your own website.

I use it myself, but there are other options:

  • promo videos on YouTube;
  • commenting on blogs;
  • posts and topics on the forums;
  • posts in social networks;
  • paid advertising methods;
  • training offers;
  • any sites with free publications;
  • personal recommendations.

It is allowed to use all methods of referral recruitment. The number of registrations does not matter, the main thing is investment and activity. Therefore, you need to look for those who are really interested in earnings and know how to develop partner networks.

Be sure to offer help to newcomers, share your secrets so that they help you close your matrix.

My review of Redex

About Redex reviews are different, there are negative. However, no one says in them that the system does not pay or something like that. Everyone just says it's a financial pyramid. So what, unless a few large financial projects, which for many years bring customers a profit? Redex is no exception:

Redex overview - instructions, registration and reviews

Money really does come, and against the background that Bitcoin adds a course every month, it is even more profitable. My feedback on this system is positive, despite the great distrust of all kinds of HYIPs. Money here you can earn, and how solid, depends on the effort.

No desire to invest? Start earning bitcoins on clicks. A small amount is required to enter Redex, you will quickly dial it using the easiest way to earn money.

Redex - your new rhythm of life, successful and rich. Yes, this is a pyramid in its purest form, but it manages to get on pretty well with it, even if we involve a couple of active clients. It’s worth a try, because starting investments are minimal , and if you are lucky to get into an active team, the prospects will be serious.

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