Recreativ product teaser network, high CTR advertising

There is a huge number of teaser networks through which you can monetize your sites.

Practice shows that this type of advertising has a good clickability , therefore, it can bring good money. The most important thing is to choose a good network and get effective ad units.

To each website owner using teasers, we suggest reading How to make more money on teasers. One of the tips is the choice of quality service, and the project is a great option. This teaser offers to install advertising of various products from global brands.

Recreativ product teaser network, high CTR advertising

High-quality advertising with a high CTR

The Recreativ product teaser network already works with more than 120 online stores, and prices per click range from 3 to 10 cents (on average). Requirements for the sites are not too high and most of them are the same as in other similar systems:

  • at least 500 hosts per day;
  • Russian-language resources;
  • lack of pornography;
  • sites with a high concentration of advertisements are not allowed;
  • free hosting sites are also not accepted;
  • no earnings sites are accepted on the network.

What topic your resource does not matter, Recreativ service accepts all types of traffic, the most important thing is that your site meets all requirements.

The system works according to the following scheme:

Recreativ product teaser network, high CTR advertising

As you can see, the displayed ads are selected individually for each visitor, which allows for an increase in conversion.

What do ad units look like? Here are a few examples:

Recreativ product teaser network, high CTR advertising

As for payment, it is made immediately, and you can track the statistics. The only significant disadvantage is a large minimum amount for withdrawal ($ 20). But you can set up autopayment (2 times per month). There is also an option for an urgent withdrawal, but it is better not to use it, since it charges $ 10.

In general, this is an excellent service for earnings, which also has an affiliate program with deductions of 5% of the money earned by webmasters. Try to use this project, and if you have any questions, technical support will answer them promptly.

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