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What program exactly each person used was the Word text editor. Now one cannot do without it, and it’s easy to find an installer on the network, so an office is installed on almost all computers.

The program is simple to use, but it has additional features that are often useful.

How to recover a Word file? This question is asked by many people who have accidentally turned off the lights, rebooted their computers, or accidentally closed a text editor.

They wrote something, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the data was not saved. If you worked on the document for a long time, then it will definitely be restored (at least partially).

Recover Word Documents | Workion. ru

First of all , after rebooting, you need to open Word , it may suggest that you open unsaved documents.

If nothing appears, you should check the folder to which automatically saved files are added. To learn more about the autosave feature and find the folder you need, use this instruction:

  1. Open Word and click the menu button. In the list of recent documents, check whether there is a necessary document, if it is not there, go to the settings:
  2. Recover Word Documents | Workion. ru
  3. In the parameters there is a "Save" tab, you need to go to it. Here you can set the time for Word to automatically make copies of the created documents. Set at least 1 minute, the more often the better. We are interested in the address in this section of the parameters (highlighted in the image):
  4. Recover Word Documents | Workion. ru
  5. If these settings have not been changed before, the files are placed by default in the AppData folder, to go to it, open Start, in the search enter% appdata% and press Enter:
  6. Recover Word Documents | Workion. ru
  7. Next you need to go to the folder, according to the address specified in the settings. Open the Microsoft folder and find Word:
  8. Recover Word Documents | Workion. ru
  9. This folder contains all automatic saves, open them one by one or look at the date to find the necessary documents:
  10. Recover Word Documents | Workion. ru

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to recover data, therefore, set the save time in advance so that you will no longer encounter such problems.

When you can’t recover a Word file, many people are disappointed with this program, but it’s not that (if you bought an office, and didn’t download it from pirated sites).

It’s good, if any article or essay disappears from you, one of my friends has lost an entire chapter of the written book and it was restored in the described way.

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