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A prosperous life depends a lot on money. The modern world is built on these "pieces of paper" for which one constantly has to work.

Some people manage to get a big profit, but they remain unhappy with their financial situation and you know why? Because they have not learned how to spend their money.

Remember, a good income is no reason to stop saving! Even a salary of 200,000 rubles will not be enough for you if managing the budget is not correct.

As the saying goes " There is enough for life", but each has its own concept of " life ". Someone content with delicious food and brand clothes, and some need delicacies and diamonds.

Recommendations for saving money | Workion. ru

Even rich people save

Regardless of the expenses you incur, you should always remember to save. First of all, you need to learn how to count money, as well as learn tips on money management.

Also, the following recommendations will be useful to you:

  1. Accounting for small expenses - helps to save small amounts correctly. Well-off people have often spoken about this. Even if you give up morning coffee with dessert in a cafe and save 150 rubles, in a month this amount turns into 4500 rubles . This is just an example, there are quite a lot of small expenses in life.
  2. Tomorrow - not everyone thinks about him, some live the same day. You should not do this, you should always think about your future. Proper distribution of the budget for a few days is the key to saving money. You also need to know exactly what you need, and not just divide the amount into several days.
  3. Unnecessary purchases - we all do when we try not to differ from the rest. A great example of this is iPhones, which are bought not only because of the functionality and reliability, some do not even use their functions. Consequently, these are unnecessary expenses that should be discarded.
  4. Reporting of income - control requires not only expenses, but also income. Make a plan for your income for several months in advance. You will get a round sum, and you will be able to properly distribute it for mandatory expenses and leave some of it as free money or for large purchases.
  5. Active work is another key to a good life. Increased productivity immediately affects income. Please note that we are not saying that you need to work more, you need to learn how to work in order to earn more, because time is not increased, and productivity and profitability of work can be easily raised.
  6. The 10% system is ideal for saving and accumulating money. The old proven way to postpone 10% of all income, does not lose its relevance. Received 30,000 rubles, put off 3,000, for 27,000 you will also live, and in a few months you will accumulate a good amount.
  7. Discounts and promotions - often help to save. Of course, some discounts are a tricky tool in trade, but if you are offered a product at a reduced price and good quality, then why should you refuse it? Check stocks and participate in sales, this is a great option for savings.
  8. Investment is the best way to ensure a prosperous future. By investing money in different ways, you create additional sources of profit. Additional work is not required, but you will need to find start-up capital. Already have money? Give interest.
  9. The rule of the rich is to spend only the money that you have already managed to postpone. Keep earning and postponing, and if you need to make a serious purchase, want to invest in or organize a vacation, use what you have been able to postpone.
  10. All ways to save - you will discover for yourself if you delve into the available options and take every penny. Even the commission should be taken into account when withdrawing funds from a card at different ATMs, not to mention the methods of repaying loans, paying for utilities, choosing a grocery store, and so on.
Recommendations for saving money | Workion. ru

If you think that all those who earn a lot of money do not think about managing their money, then you are mistaken.

Observe wealthy people, they are attentive to trifles and if there is an opportunity to save on something, they will definitely take advantage of it.

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