Recharge Skype from a card, phone, e-wallet

Practically all modern people use the program, as this is an excellent saving of money on communication.

Some have not yet switched to Skype just because they do not know that with the help of this program you can perform normal calls, send SMS messages and use other features.

In order to use the advanced options of this popular program, you will have to pay, but the rates are significantly lower than those of mobile operators.

How to refill your Skype account? There are several ways to do this. Now we will show and tell you about ways to throw money on Skype.

Recharge Skype from a card, phone, e-wallet

You can throw money on Skype without spending it from your pocket. With the SendSey program, you will automatically receive rewards for sent advertising messages.

If you have a lot of contacts, in just one day you can get a sum that is enough for free calls to phones and sending messages.

With electronic wallets it is much more convenient to replenish your balance, but this is not the only option. To replenish your Skype account, you need to perform a few simple steps:

  1. First you need to start the program and select "Account" from the menu:
  2. Recharge Skype from a card, phone, e-wallet
  3. Then it will open site where you need to go through the two buttons to make money:
  4. Recharge Skype from a card, phone, e-wallet
  5. Then the amount of deposit is selected, several options are available:
  6. Recharge Skype from a card, phone, e-wallet
  7. On the same page, you are invited to choose the currency in which it is more convenient for you to deposit funds (this is not important, choose dollars, even if you want to pay for services in rubles):
  8. Recharge Skype from a card, phone, e-wallet
  9. Next you need to choose payment method. The most popular option is to replenish Skype with a bank card:
  10. Recharge Skype from a card, phone, e-wallet
  11. Spend standard payment on the card (if you don’t know how to do it, read the article How to pay by card on the Internet).
  12. As you can see, nothing complicated, replenishing the balance will take only a few minutes. In the image above you can see several other ways to replenish. In addition to PayPal and Yandex. Money, the following options are available:

    Recharge Skype from a card, phone, e-wallet

The list contains payment systems, and our website has an article on how to make money on Webmoney. Use the methods and earn virtual money, then to transfer them to Skype.

For those who have not yet used the additional tools of the Skype program, be sure to go to them. No matter how often you call someone, it’s still economical, especially if you are making calls in roaming (to other cities or even countries).

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