Reasons why people refuse to create a blog

On websites dedicated to online earnings, all newcomers are recommended to open their own blog.

According to the authors, this is an ideal option to start and make good money for those who do not want to learn anything . The case is really good, but not everything is decided on it, explaining it in different ways.

Why do you not have a blog yet? Ask yourself and try to give an answer. No money, bad at all this, or do you not know how to write? These are all common excuses.

See an article on how to create a blog. It contains links to a lot of useful materials, that will help even a newbie to become a blogger .

Reasons why people refuse to create a blog

Reasons why people refuse to create a blog

When they ask me where I get this money from, I don’t hide my sources of income by talking about my blog. Most people open their eyes wide and say, "I couldn’t have done so."

Absolutely everyone is able to launch their own website and fill it with articles, there would be a desire. Still in doubt? Let's look at a few excuses and dot everything over X:

  1. I am not a programmer. The most frequent excuse. So what if you don’t understand programming, neither do I, but that didn’t stop me from creating a blog that has more than 5,000 visitors every day. This is quite a lot, and I used CMS WordPress to launch the site. If this content management system also seems complicated, use the Ucoz designer. The process of creating the site is not complicated, just a few minutes, the difficulties begin with its filling and promotion.
  2. I can't write articles. First, you can learn everything. Secondly, you can buy articles and attract copywriters. I am from Ukraine, there are some problems with spelling, I solved this problem by searching for a copywriter. I consistently pay him ready texts and develop my resource. Without finding the author, you can always use the copywriting exchanges (and). It sells thousands of articles on a variety of topics.
  3. I don't have time for a blog. If we are talking about support or development, here again there is an option to attract professionals, copywriters, webmasters. If you are talking about the time that will be spent on maintenance, then you will not incur any big expenses. In principle, you can spend time only on the placement of articles and the use of some methods of promotion. You don’t need to be at your computer at all; many bloggers work 5 days a week, in the evenings and on weekends they go to the site.
  4. I don't know anything. Some people believe that they have too little knowledge to launch the site. They are afraid that they will not be able to write a lot of articles. Knowledge can always be replenished, and it is better to choose something that is connected with interests. For example, open a blog about some online game, about movies, cars and so on. There are no interests at all? This is a real problem in life, the TOP of the best topics for the blog will help you decide. As for the articles, they can also be bought via the Internet.
  5. I have no money to start. What kind of money are we talking about? To run the site on a paid hosting service, you need to buy a domain for 100-150 rubles (rent for a year) and spend 300 rubles on hosting (for 3 months). Are you really not able to find about 500 rubles to invest in a profitable business? Then blogging is definitely not for you. The expenses are minimal, investments are practically not required, and if you use the free website builder Fo, then you will not even have to pay for hosting with a domain.
  6. All niches are already taken. Silly reasoning skeptics. Even if you have already created blogs on some topics, this is not a reason to refuse to launch your site. Look, Facebook appeared in 2004, but this did not cause a failure when developing other social networks (VK, ML, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). Moreover, consider similar sites as direct competitors that you intend to bypass. You just need to do a little bit better than others.
  7. Blog business is not profitable. About this I am ready to argue. For several years I have been running my blog and the profits continue to increase. For the sake of interest, go to the page with the income statement, there is a portion of payments from various sites. Affiliate programs bring me most of the money, since the site was created on the topic of earnings. If you choose a different subject, consider product affiliate programs, selling links and advertising. With the right approach, even with low attendance, it is possible to get a decent amount.
  8. And what if nothing happens. As the saying goes, "fear wolves, don't go to the forest." In any case, something can fail, you can not be afraid of everything. When you go out on the street, you don’t say to yourself “What if something happens”, in any case, you leave the walls of your house. Take courage and just try.Even if it doesn't work out, you won't lose anything and get invaluable experience, because now the Internet technologies are actively developing.

Many people do not yet have a blog, even fewer bloggers have achieved popularity. There are a lot of reasons for not launching the site, I hope that now you will start to believe in yourself.

Reasons why people refuse to create a blog

For newbies, the WIX website builder is still working, through which it is also easy to create blogs, without any programming at all.

Drop all the reasons why people refuse to start a blog and do it. Who knows, maybe this platform will start bringing you millions. Now I consistently receive from 300,000 monthly and I am fully satisfied with this. But I started from scratch, I just liked blogging.

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