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Money appears in our lives as one of the most important elements. Unfortunately, many people have difficulties with their shortage and it happens not only because a person is lazy or earns little. There are cases when improper management of your capital leads to problems.

Reasonable savings - this is not limiting yourself in anything, it is competent management of money that you own . At all times, philosophers pondered how people spend money and whether they thereby satisfy their needs. In fact, money is often wasted, and the main reason for this is not stupidity, but indifference to spending.

Reasonable savings, cost analysis | Workion. ru

Analysis of expenses

It’s worth starting a reasonable saving of your money with an analysis of expenses. Take a regular sheet of paper and write down all the expenses on it. This should include not only payments on the loan and rent, add to the list of money spent on entertainment, going to restaurants and much more.

Having conducted a similar experiment, I managed to find out that about one fifth of my income goes to useless entertainment, which does not bring much pleasure. It is impossible to refuse pleasures, they bring us vital energy, but you can replace them.

For example, instead of going to an expensive restaurant, you can go out of town and have a rest in the fresh nature. Besides saving you this way, it will be much more beneficial for your body.

Reasonable savings, cost analysis | Workion. ru

Price Analysis

The stereotype “The more expensive, the more qualitative,” has developed in society for a long time. It is safe to say that this is not the case. Many entrepreneurs sell the same things, but at different prices. Communicating with one of my familiar entrepreneurs, I managed to find out where he gets the supplies from.

It turned out that the producers of its goods are companies engaged in budget goods. To my surprise, there was no limit when I learned that things from one manufacturer are sold in his shop several times more expensive than in discount centers.

What conclusion can be drawn from this? To buy a variety of products you need to consider all the criteria, except for the cost, it does not tell you anything.

Speaking about reasonable economy, it is simply impossible not to recall the popular method of economy developed by one of the foreign financiers. It consists in setting aside a tenth of each of your profits.

Got a salary, sold a car, did extra work - set aside a tenth and thus save money. According to the creator of this economy technique, it allows you to learn how to live on 9/10 of your salary and at the same time gradually grow rich (at the expense of savings).

Is it worth saving? Everyone must answer this question on their own. As long as you yourself do not want to live a little better, nothing in your life will change. Do not postpone plans to save money for later, get engaged in it right now and create savings.

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