Realclassic game. Earnings for the sale of penguin eggs

Fans of online gaming with the withdrawal of money today offer a wide range of different projects with various themes.

The popular game

offers to buy birds and make money on the eggs they have laid, but many people don’t like this project, how to get there necessarily attract referrals to withdraw money.

Playing without payment points, also suggests buying birds and collecting eggs for further sale. Its difference lies in the fact that there is no need to collect payment points, and accordingly, it is not necessary to attract referrals. But, it affects the return on investment is not for the better.

Realclassic game. Earnings for the sale of penguin eggs

After registration, players on Realclassic can buy penguins and collect their eggs, in order to sell for silver and withdraw money from the system.

A bonus is provided for registration - 1 penguin, worth 5000 silver (50 rubles), with it you can start collecting profits.

The earnings process is no different than using other games. First, you buy penguins with different numbers of eggs delivered per hour:

Realclassic game. Earnings for the sale of penguin eggs

You can enter the game even once a month to collect eggs and carry them to the warehouse. To do this, you need to press one button:

Realclassic game. Earnings for the sale of penguin eggs

Collected eggs can be sold and thereby receive money into the account for withdrawal. The sale procedure is also simple:

Realclassic game. Earnings for the sale of penguin eggs

As you can see, having collected 107 eggs, we can sell them for 1. 07 silver, and for this it is enough to press a special button.

Not all funds from the sale of eggs are credited to the withdrawal balance. Only 40% goes to this balance, and the remaining 60% goes to the account for purchases.

The balance intended for purchases also needs to be replenished, since with these funds you can buy new penguins. Be sure to use bonuses to receive small promotions for activity:

Realclassic game. Earnings for the sale of penguin eggs

Unlike many similar games, on Realclassic, users can choose which bonus to receive.

Additional games

Another difference of this game from its counterparts is the wide choice of additional games of chance. Only on Realclassic you can:

  • interrupt the bids at the auction, where the most generous user wins;
  • play the standard CBN;
  • try your luck in the lottery (up to 500 % win);
  • to put money on a virtual race of three cars;
  • to bet on thimbles (versions with 3.4 and 5 thimbles);
  • to play dice (playing cubes);
  • spin the wheel of fortune (tickets are given for deposits);
  • join the battle of penguins and evaluate your strengths.

In addition, an impressive amount can be obtained on your game balance, if you actively attract referrals. The administration constantly holds contests for active referrals with impressive rewards.

Depositing and withdrawing funds

The most convenient option for making a deposit is to use the Payeer wallet, but you can use any other virtual money when making a transfer via Free-Kassa. As for the withdrawal, it is available only on Payeer.

Only those players who have deposited at least 100 rubles to their balance will be able to order payment.

A Realclassic game can be turned into a stable source of income , and if you are willing to wait to get the maximum profit, then do not withdraw the money you earned right away. If you exchange them and send them to the balance for purchases, then you get an additional 30%, these are serious prospects for development.

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