Real Money Cashout Game

There are many interesting games with the ability to withdraw money, and with their help you can create many sources of passive income.

All experienced investors suggest dividing their start-up capital to reduce risks, so it’s better to register in several games at once .

Profitable game Real Fishing is a great option for profitable deposits, which exists for more than 4 months. The game has already registered over 16,000 users, and they all withdraw money to their virtual wallets. You can also start to play, a large starting capital is not required here.

Real Money Cashout Game

The game is closed

The game with Real Fishing withdrawals

Users of this project are encouraged to buy fish that produce spawn. Periodically visiting your profile, you need to collect caviar and sell it.

A no-deposit bonus of 1001 silver is issued for registration in this game, this is enough to buy cheap fish, which each hour brings 60 caviar per hour:

Real Money Cashout Game

This is quite a bit, since every hundred caviar is sold for 1 ruble. During the day, you can collect 1440 games, and get 14 rubles for it. Caviar collection is done by pressing a special button:

Real Money Cashout Game

In order for money to appear on your balance, you also need to sell caviar:

Real Money Cashout Game

There will be no delays in the sale, the system buys the spawn, and you instantly receive money into the account for withdrawal.

If you invest a little money to buy fish (at least 50 rubles), you will get much more. For example, if you buy a fish Pollock for 5000 silver (50 rubles), the daily profit will increase from 14 rubles to 93. 6 rubles.

How to withdraw money from Real Fishing?

You can use any payment system to recharge your balance, and you need to use a Payeer account to get paid. In addition, the game provides points that you need to save for withdrawal. Each score is one ruble, and you can get them by replenishing the balance and attracting referrals:

Real Money Cashout Game

In addition, when replenishing an account with any user, 10% of this amount is distributed between all members of Real Fishing as a payment point. Consequently, even if you do not attract referrals, you will have the opportunity to order a payment, but you will have to save points for a long time.

Gambling at Real Fishing

Until you attract a lot of referrals to the game, money will gradually accumulate on your balance, and you can develop your fish farm or have fun in extra games. In total, there are 4 types of gambling:

  • in the lottery you can buy a ticket for participation in 100 silver and, if you are lucky, you win 500 silver;
  • the game of kamikaze offers to pass few lines in the game and not catch an egg on your head. Going up the stairs, you will increase your bet, and if necessary, you can stop the game and take the money;
  • the slot machine is a standard one-armed gangster with three reels and a jackpot. You can adjust the number of winning lines and the amount of the bet;
  • the simplest game on Real Fishing is an tails-and-go where you need to guess which side the flipped coin will lie on.

With additional games, you can quickly increase your start-up capital, but that’s not all profit opportunities.

Real Fishing often hosts promotions and cash prizes. For example, now there is a competition for the most active referrals, with a prize fund of 17,500 rubles. Register in the game, if you know how to attract a lot of users to Real Fishing, and profit is provided to you.

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