Rating on Wmmail, why do we need rating

The users of the Wmmail project are getting bigger every day and today's indicators already tell us that this mailer is used by over 340,000 participants. Multifunctional system Wmmail provides its users with a solid set of tools , and is also accompanied by a host of additional functionality.

Users of this project are often interested in questions related to the rating, which increases depending on user activity. Rating on Wmmail is not only a certain value of the experience of the participants, but also the provision of the use of additional functionality, as well as the granting of various privileges.

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To begin with, it is worth noting that in addition to a certain rating value on Wmmail, you will receive various statuses. After registration, all users become "newbies", and after reaching the 50th rating, they receive the status "student".

Rating on Wmmail, why do we need rating

Rating value on Wmmail

After that, the statuses "Student" (100-250 rating), "Trainee" (250 -500 rating), "Specialist" (500-1000 rating), "Professional" (1000-2000 rating), "Entrepreneur" (3500-6000) and "Businessman" (over 6000 rating).

You can get a rating solely due to the activity that must be exercised inside the service. For each deposit and withdrawal of money, reading letters, completing assignments, distributing your advertising, surfing, buying and selling referrals and much more, you will receive a rating.

There are also actions for which give a rating in a limited volume, for example, for the first 30 victories in games, you get 0. 0. 01 rating, also 0. A rating can be obtained for the first 10 letters of internal mail.

The system also provides for the removal of the rating on various factors, for example, for not using the account for a long time or for actively creating topics and questions in the communication sections.

Rating on Wmmail, why do we need rating

Why do you need a rating on Wmmail

When you receive a certain amount of rating, you can use your account for various purposes and you will be opened access to additional functionality. With 10 ratings, you can use the "Arbor" section, where you will have the opportunity not only to communicate with other users, but also to collect "Freebies".

In addition, with the 10 rating you can use the "Question-Answer" sections, comment on the "Site Ideas", as well as fill your wall and leave feedback on other people's walls.

After you have typed more than 20 ratings, you will have access to using the "Loans Exchange" section, which allows you to conduct transactions with the local Wmmail currency.

A rating above 50 will give you the ability to use templates in internal mail, which can be very convenient if you actively communicate with other users.

After earning over 100 rankings, you will begin to make a profit from winning your referrals in Wmmail games. Also, this rating level allows you to use the "Site Ideas" section, where everyone can offer their idea to improve Wmmail.

Rating on Wmmail, why do we need rating

When you reach a rating of more than 255, all restrictions are removed from you, and you become the owner of the full functionality of the mail service. Restrictions can be set both in tasks and in sections of communication, but their value can not be more than 255.

I would like to say separately that the rating on Wmmail has recently begun to influence the amount of autopayment. Now, with a rating of less than 100, each user has the opportunity to withdraw money instantly with a volume of not more than 25 cents.

For each subsequent 100 rating, the amount of payments will increase by $ 2 more for certificate holders not lower than personal; for the rest, the amount of autopayment changes by 50 cents in a positive direction.

I would like to say separately that, in addition to the opportunities provided, the rating in the Wmmail system plays a positive role in other situations. For example, task performers are more willing to consider tasks from experienced users who have already proven themselves on the positive side.

In addition, the Wmmail rating can help you in various situations, because “earning” it is not so simple and the great value of this indicator indicates that you are actively using this service.

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