Rating exchanges cryptocurrency in Russian. TOP 5

Cryptocurrencies are conquering the world, despite all the skeptics' statements, no one can argue with statistics that show how actively different blockchains are used.

People conduct more and more transactions with altcoins, their course is slowly but surely growing, and this trend should continue.

In this article, we collected the TOP 5 cryptocurrency exchanges in Russian, because without these services it is impossible to fully operate in the crypto market.

It is the exchanges that help establish the relationship between users who want to sell or buy coins at the best price.

Rating exchanges cryptocurrency in Russian. TOP 5

Why is it important to choose a good cryptocurrency exchange?

All exchanges offer functionality only for conducting convenient and secure transactions. In this they differ from exchangers. Here exchange operations are conducted between real people through the guarantor.

Cheating is completely excluded, besides other users can offer more favorable terms than exchange offices.

Every month more and more cryptocurrency exchanges appear in Russian and English. But you shouldn’t trust new projects in this niche, besides, if the project is not popular, there will be few orders on it.

Plus, you can not forget about security, because the developers of the exchanges can evaporate at any time.

In many areas of the Internet, it is advised to use foreign projects.

There are also more foreign services among the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. But their developers know that Russia is one of the major participants in the crypto market. Therefore, they add Russian versions.

Now from the TOP exchanges, almost all supported the Russian language. Why understand the English interface when there are high-quality counterparts? And there are several, so you can search for profitable orders on more than one resource.

Rating of cryptocurrency exchanges in Russian

I have been making cryptocurrency in a niche not for the first year, but only in 2017 I decided to seriously move in this direction. The experience helps to evaluate projects and by comparing TOP cryptocurrency exchanges in Russian:

  1. The cryptocurrency exchange in Russian.

This exchange is popular in Europe and the CIS countries. The project has been translated into several languages, including Russian and Ukrainian. Fiat money is maintained, separate balances have been created for it.

Like it to Runet users also because such payment systems as Kiwi, Yandex are available here. Money, Webmoney (both for depositing and withdrawing funds).

Rating exchanges cryptocurrency in Russian. TOP 5

The exchange is developing steadily, the developers are adding something new, connecting more payment systems, cryptocurrency.

The project cannot boast of a large selection of altiokns, but all major coins are available here. Because of this, professionals are looking for alternatives; for a beginner, this is a great option. Eksmo has its features and advantages:

  • if you do not want to wait for the execution of orders, you can use the exchanger. The administration of the exchange is ready to make an exchange at the current rate, the reserves are huge;
  • a simple and convenient interface, to carry out transactions easily, every newcomer will understand, no extra tools;
  • Exmo will soon add marginal trading an ICO company is being held, after the completion of which new ExmoCoin tokens will appear;
  • national currencies (rubles or dollars) can be withdrawn from the stock exchange, but verification will be required to transfer to cards;
  • using the CashBack system you can get additional bonuses . They return part of the money spent, the percentage depends on the total amount of turnover for the month;
  • I’ll add that I most often manage to catch orders with the most favorable prices (especially for Monero, DASH and Ripple) on this exchange.

Like all competitors, several levels of protection are offered here. Given the number of messages about the theft of cryptocurrency, this should be used. Repeatedly conducted transactions on this exchange, the platform is convenient and the site works quickly:

Rating exchanges cryptocurrency in Russian. TOP 5

Given the main advantages of Eksmo, it is safe to say that this is the best cryptocurrency exchange in Russian. In addition, with it you can earn 25% of the commission on referral transactions. Partner rewards are calculated in cryptocurrency.

  1. Russian cryptocurrency exchange.

Domestic project, so it is obvious that there is Russian here. Unlike the previous project, a lot of cryptocurrency is supported here (at the moment about 200).

The reviews often mention a huge choice of methods for depositing and withdrawing funds (including bank cards):

Rating exchanges cryptocurrency in Russian. TOP 5

The site has been translated into 8 languages, but for now The exchange is more popular in the CIS countries, and in terms of turnover it is inferior to all the projects presented.

Of the negative points - they change commissions for withdrawal, in some areas they are higher than on other exchanges cryptocurrencies with the Russian language.But there are pluses:

  • in the “Game” section bets on the Bitcoin course are accepted. You need to guess whether it will be higher or lower, the winners are allocated the funds of the losers;
  • the transaction commission depends on the turnover of funds over the past 30 days, it varies from 0. 02% to 0. 18%;
  • New, exclusive tokens are often added, which are not available on other exchanges yet;

The trading platform is simple, there is a list of currency pairs in the sidebar, the chart on the right and the order form below it:

Rating exchanges cryptocurrency in Russian. TOP 5

The referral program on the stock exchange is non-standard. Partners offer 3 schemes of cooperation. They can receive 10% of the commission for life, 20% in the first six months after registration, or 50% in the first month.

  1. Cryptocurrency exchange in Russian.

A young project, appeared in 2017, and its developers focused on minimalism in design.

The Russian exchange of cryptocurrency in rubles and other national currencies offers to conduct transactions with several altcoins (currently 21 cryptocurrencies are connected). The simple interface is pleasant to beginners:

Rating exchanges cryptocurrency in Russian. TOP 5

It is interesting that the developers even released their own FLIP cryptocurrency, although its course practically does not change (approximately 4 cents). In addition to their site, tokens are traded on. The simplest design distinguishes the project from its analogs, it also has other features:

  • there is not much time to wait for a response from the support, Russian-language support;
  • little by little add new currencies, and the exchange itself decentralized;
  • many input and output methods popular in RuNet are connected;
  • you can transfer money through Bitflip coupons conveniently and without commission;
  • here are the lowest minimum thresholds for output and input means.

While the daily turnover of the exchange can not compete with larger counterparts, but developers are actively developing. It is really convenient to buy and sell cryptocurrency, nothing superfluous:

Rating exchanges cryptocurrency in Russian. TOP 5

The official site contains a road map, you can learn about the company's plans.

In addition, they offer to earn on dividends, for this you need to keep on account more than 1000 FLIP. From the commission of deals referrals comes from 40% to 70%, payments are carried out every week.

  1. - cryptocurrency exchange in Russian.

This young stock exchange, created in 2017, quickly flew into all the TOPs. The developers are Chinese, but the platform has been translated into several languages.

After updating the Russian version, the project became even more popular among our compatriots. Today, this exchange ranks first in terms of daily turnover:

Rating exchanges cryptocurrency in Russian. TOP 5

Real professionals conduct transactions here. Due to the huge competition among offers, it is often possible to catch profitable orders (the difference with other exchanges is serious).

Only newbies rarely use the project, because there are no transactions here in rubles or dollars, fiat money is not supported at all. However, the advantages overlap this:

  • the largest selection of trading pairs is offered, here you will definitely find exotic cryptocurrencies and little-known tokens;
  • the stock exchange is open to users from all over the world, and because a large influx of new participants, they even sometimes close the registration (to provide resources for the project);
  • there is no need to pass verification, without it the limit per day is up to 2 BTC. Given the course of Bitcoin, most traders have enough of it;
  • the administration constantly holds jokes with generous prizes (including cars of brands such as BMW and Lamborghini);
  • the exchange also has its own tokensBNB. If they pay a commission, then you give only 50% (i.e., from each transaction 0. 1%).

The developers are a team of real professionals, they have turned out not just a convenient, but also a reliable tool for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. The site has additional tools, and the trading platform is intuitive:

Rating exchanges cryptocurrency in Russian. TOP 5

It works quickly, a lot of available orders, and if you do not have cryptocurrency, you can replenish the balance through other exchanges or using exchangers. With partners, the exchange is divided 20% of the commission. The percentage rises to 40% if the account has more than 500 BNBs.

  1. Reliable cryptocurrency exchange in Russian.

This project, which offers a huge selection of trading pairs, has been working for the first year. Here young altcoins are added more often, and besides this there are several additional tools available.

Fiat money is supported, there is no commission for replenishment in rubles (only Qiwi 2%):

Rating exchanges cryptocurrency in Russian. TOP 5

Due to the large number of supported currencies, many users There are problems with the speed of the site.

There are several balance sheets for national currencies, for each of them there are different methods of input and output (commission percentages also differ).

Of the main advantages of YoBit:

  • there are always many orders, even little-known coins are traded;
  • in the Dice section you can have fun and try your luck by betting on a random number generator;
  • rubles can be displayed on a card (but the commission will be 8% + 70 rubles);
  • there are YoBit codes with which it is convenient to transfer funds between accounts;
  • the site has a Russian-language chat, you can chat with other users.

I also repeatedly conducted transactions through this exchange, I did not notice any problems. The platform is convenient, everything is in its place and there are many orders:

Rating exchanges cryptocurrency in Russian. TOP 5

YoBit reviews spoil the reputation of the exchange. Opinions are not straightforward, many complain about missing transactions and altcoins. Earnings for partners is 20% of the commission system.

With this list of Russian-language exchanges, everyone will find a suitable trading platform. On them are different commissions, methods of input and output, there are other features. Decide for yourself what you need and what advantages play a more important role.

Other high-quality cryptocurrency exchanges

Experienced traders register on all exchanges, because this is the only way to work with all coins and find the most profitable orders.

Having worked with any exchange, it becomes easy to use any analogs, even if they do not have Russian. Of the most popular exchanges in the world, we recommend using:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

Gradually, the Russian language is being added to many exchanges. This is not an important factor, because an experienced user is so clear where to click to conduct a transaction.

And when you use several crypto exchanges at the same time, the market becomes wider for you.

If you decide to register on several exchanges, read about cryptocurrency arbitration. On interbourse exchanges can quickly and earn good.

Our rating of cryptocurrency exchanges in Russian in 2018 was compiled by personal opinion. Based on experience and evaluation benefits.

At least in the Runet, these 5 exchanges are now leaders. They are proven and honest, read the reviews, they are full of online.

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