Rating and statuses on Wmmail

One of the differences between a click-based Wmmail sponsor and similar services is a high-quality rating system.

Each registered user has a certain rating, and as it increases, you can access additional system tools.

The rating system on Wmmail is well thought out so that beginners have a desire to move up the status ladder. In this article we will explain in detail what are the statuses on Wmmail, thereby increasing the rating, as well as what opportunities are opened to participants with a good reputation.

Rating and statuses on Wmmail

We begin with a description of statuses that automatically change as the rating increases. After registration, all users receive the status of a novice and possess it before they gain a rating of 50 units. After that, the statuses change in the following order:

  • 50-100 pupil;
  • 100-250 student;
  • 250-500 trainee;
  • 500-1000 specialist;
  • 1000-2000 professional;
  • 2000-3500 entrepreneur;
  • 3500-6000 merchant;
  • over 6000 businessman.

Additional features that are opened as a set of ratings is a small list of functions.

  • From 10 of the rating, you can use the communication sections Arbor (creating topics), Question-Answer and Ideas for the site (commenting).
  • With the 20th rating, the functionality for working with loans (local currency) opens.
  • With a rating of 50 units, participants can use templates in internal mail.
  • When you have a rating of 100, you will be able to suggest ideas for improving Wmmail, and you will receive a percentage of the money won by your referrals in games.
  • The last important threshold is a rating of 255. If you manage to type it, then all restrictions will be removed, including for the tasks performed.

Rating for Wmmail users need to type, and so that it does not take too much time, here are all the actions for which it increases:

  • surfing sites;
  • reading letters;
  • assignments;
  • depositing and withdrawing funds;
  • buying and selling referrals;
  • buying and selling credits;
  • winning the games (10 per day, only Minesweeper and tic-tac-toe);
  • sending letters by the VP (10 per day);
  • launching a banner;
  • ordering letters;
  • 50 accomplishments of your task per day.

There are also actions that can affect your rating downgrade. Refusing to order the payment or not using your account for a long time, you will lower the rating. Also, if you create more than 2 posts in Question-Answer or Arbor, this also lowers the rating.

Now you know a lot more about the rating on Wmmail and you should understand that it is really necessary. In addition to additional functions, due to the honorary status, you will inspire the trust of other users, and in controversial situations this often plays an important role.

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