Rate the blog correctly before purchasing

Starting projects on the Internet from scratch is quite difficult and many are not ready to work for a long time, not knowing for sure if all this will lead to at least some results.

There are alternatives - this is an investment in the purchase of websites. Often, good sites are sold due to lack of time, urgent need for money, or simply because of a change in interest.

How to evaluate blog prospects? On this question you need to know the answer before you decide to make a purchase.

Some sellers of sites deliberately overcharge, and sometimes unpromising projects are sold, from which it is better to immediately refuse. After evaluating several important factors, you can choose the best blog to buy.

Rate the blog correctly before purchasing

You need to buy ready-made websites on the exchange. There, the administration monitors the integrity of users and provides complete statistics on sites.

Now we will present you the main factors for evaluating a blog:

  1. The age of the site is the most important indicator, as some young sites simply do not deserve to be paid for money. Webmasters stamp them with the help of engines and fill them with inexpensive content, exposing them for a high-quality website, but it’s better to choose old and trust resources.
  2. Filling frequency - must be stable and carried out at least once a week. If a blogger constantly adds new publications, then he cares about the reputation of the site and keeps it alive.
  3. Important indicators - these include TIC, PR, traffic, site availability in catalogs and much more. Here the rules are simple, the higher the score, the better. So that you are not deceived, demand access to the Liveinternet statistics and use other analogues.
  4. Content quality is the basis of every blog; it’s his articles. If they are not qualitative, not interesting and their author does not care at all about the design, the texts will not be interesting to anyone. You need to choose blogs where the best posts are.
  5. Reference mass - it needs to be assessed in two directions at once, these are external links and backlinks. The fewer outgoing open links, the better. With backlinks, the opposite is true; the more, the better. But a large number must also be accompanied by high quality, as search engines now have a negative attitude to purchased links.
  6. Site revenues - a certain level of earnings must be established, which the site consistently brings. In general, professionals do not pay much attention to this, since after buying blogs they use the most effective ways to monetize them.
  7. Support Costs - Studying offers for, pay attention to costs. In some cases, webmasters use the wrong schemes and spend a lot of money. For example, they host sites on dedicated servers or use expensive promotion services.
  8. Comments - analyze them and pay attention to their quality. Twisted comments are immediately obvious, and if there is a lot of spam among them, it shows that no one is involved in the site and its quality is in doubt.
  9. Filters - the site exchange administration necessarily checks whether the site is under the filters and there is a separate graph in the lots about this. Be careful, pull the site out of the filter is not so easy.
  10. Design - make sure that a non-template design was used, because you are planning to pay money for the site. Also, evaluate it yourself (if there is no link, ask it from the seller).
  11. Traffic sources - most of the visitors should go to the site from search engines. If you see third-party resources in this information, you should think about it, because after buying these sites can remove links.
  12. Target audience - Telderi is now also publishing detailed information about visitors. Make sure that the criteria for the audience corresponds to the subject (when there is 70% male traffic on the women's website, this is not correct).
Rate the blog correctly before purchasing

The more carefully you consider each offer, the lower will be the probability that you will buy "garbage", and not a quality resource.

Newbies do not know how to evaluate sites, so they often buy unpromising resources and then regret it. Do not replenish their ranks, check every little thing, and if you then notice something, try to fix everything quickly.

Optimization, advertising and promotion will help to make from almost any site a decent site that can at least be resold.

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