Rapida - overview of the payment system

An experienced moneymaker should always have several tools for managing e-commerce.

It is better to register several accounts in different payment systems so that you do not have to face unnecessary problems. In this article we will analyze one of the most popular payment instruments called Rapida.

The payment system appeared in 2001, it owns its own processing center, which ensures maximum transaction processing speed.

Since its inception, the company had the license necessary to provide services in Russia, and besides, it processed foreign checks, which was its main advantage.

Rapida - overview of the payment system

Should I sign up for Rapida?

The account in this payment system is definitely not superfluous, because It opens up a lot of different possibilities.

Most webmasters have decided to open a Rapida wallet only in order to withdraw from Adsense to an electronic wallet. As already mentioned, the billing process handled checks, this is its main difference from analogues.

The payment does not just fall into many TOPs and is considered one of the best.

It has a number of advantages:

  • over 15 years of stable work;
  • having a license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for processing banking operations;
  • it is often used to receive payments on websites;
  • reliable security;
  • a huge list of ways to fund your account;
  • you can pay bills in excess of 15,000 rubles;
  • responsive technical support.

Rapid's customers number in the thousands and this is not surprising. After opening an account in this payment system, you yourself will understand why it is so attractive. Spend a few minutes and go through the usual registration.

Registration of the Rapid

Now registration on Rapida was made as easy as possible. You do not have to fill out huge forms to enter your personal account.

It suffices to specify only the phone number, first name and surname. To go to the registration, after going to the official website, click "E-Wallet" and in the upper right corner you will see a link to register:

Rapida - overview of the payment system

The page where you need to enter information will open. Registration takes place in 3 simple steps - data entry, confirmation and completion.

Be careful when entering basic information, the phone is required to be checked, and further account verification is required (to open all the possibilities of the payment system):

Rapida - overview of the payment system

When you enter personal account, click on "My profile" and opposite passport information, go to the checkout (I have already checked them, so the status is "Provided"):

Rapida - overview of the payment system

There are several ways to identify, but here you can not just send a scan of the passport (as for obtaining a formal certificate Webmoney). You will have to use a money transfer system, visit a Russian post office or go to the Rapid office.

For residents of the regions, it will be easier to do everything through mail, but decide for yourself what is more convenient for you:

Rapida - overview of the payment system

By the way, if you decide to create a template for transferring funds received from Adsense, it will not work until the identification is completed. This is not a whim of Rapida, in Russia they have introduced new laws that prohibit making transfers on the accounts of users who have not provided their passport data.

Why register with Rapida?

Over the past few years, the owners of the payment system have made great efforts to improve it. It should be noted the updated design and more usability. There are various transactions from the Rapid wallet:

Rapida - overview of the payment system

It is worth noting that through the Rapida functionality you can transfer money to other people's bank cards.

Also here you can create a virtual card to conveniently make payments on the Internet without using your main card. There are many other advantages to a Rapid wallet, so register it now.

There are many other companies that provide similar services. For example, the payment system PayPal ranks first in popularity in the world.

In Russia, Rapida has already achieved serious popularity and continues to evolve. It is unlikely that anyone has any doubts that this company is not serious, because it has overcome a lot of difficulties, continuing to provide quality services to its customers.

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