Railway monopoly Zdman with the withdrawal of money

To play and get paid for it is the dream of many users. To implement it is quite realistic, because now there are a lot of interesting games in which real money is earmarked.

We have already told our readers about


, and the quality analogues of these projects a lot.

Railway monopoly with the withdrawal of money is another great option for making money online. Only in this game you decide in which direction to develop, and most importantly, after registering, free bonuses are provided here so that you can start without your own investments.

Railway monopoly Zdman with the withdrawal of money

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Earnings in the game Zdman

Unlike many investment games, there are a lot of different functions, and you can choose what industrial enterprises to build, what to produce, what raw materials to buy and so on.

To explain in detail how to play the iron monopoly, let's consider all sections of this game:

1. Map.

Railway monopoly Zdman with the withdrawal of money

The map shows all the cities to which you can supply your products for sale. With the development, you will open new cities, in each of them you can sell a certain type of raw materials, but first you need to build a railway for them. Also on the map you will see the compositions that are in transit.

2. My province.

Railway monopoly Zdman with the withdrawal of money

In the image you can already guess that this section presents all the built enterprises, resources in the warehouse and houses from which it is possible to collect raw materials. For the production of goods you need to wait, as you can see, in 5 hours it will be possible to collect resources from the first building.

3. Exchange.

Railway monopoly Zdman with the withdrawal of money

This is a real labor exchange where you can hire an employee to start production and collect resources for you, as well as earn some money helping other users. On the image you can see the terms of use of the exchange. There are always a lot of workers, and if you cannot constantly visit the game, then the exchange will definitely come in handy for you.

4. Market.

Railway monopoly Zdman with the withdrawal of money

With the help of the market you can always buy the necessary resources for production. For example, to produce flour, wheat is needed, and for this it will first have to grow. You can not grow the cereals by hand, but simply buy them on the market, then start processing and eventually sell the flour.

5. Sell ​​the goods.

Railway monopoly Zdman with the withdrawal of money

The section is intended for marketing the resources received. Regardless of what kind of production you do, from time to time you need to come here and send trains to the cities. After clicking on the cars, a form appears where you can select specific raw materials and specify the number of units to sell.

6. Depot

Railway monopoly Zdman with the withdrawal of money

It is impossible to build a railway monopoly without trains and cars. In the Depot section, you can buy cars and diesel locomotives. The image shows how much it costs. In the types of cars and diesel locomotives, you can choose different options. The more money you pay, the more capacity you will receive.

Buy wagons and add them to one composition to save fuel and wear.

7. Score.

Railway monopoly Zdman with the withdrawal of money

Only bread and fuel cannot be bought on the market, so you have to go to the store to buy it. Bread is necessary for workers in production, and fuel is required for the transportation of goods by diesel locomotives. As you can see, in this section you can not only buy these resources, but also sell them.

Try to create production for all types of raw materials. If you do not have to buy anything in the market and in the store, then you will save a lot of money.

The Zdman game is quite interesting , and most importantly, there are no pitfalls in it, you honestly develop your monopoly, and earn money from the sale of raw materials, take it out of the game or let it go in turn

Withdrawing money from the game railway monopoly is possible on the payment systems Payeer, QIWI, Yandex. Money.

If you are not registered in this game, be sure to do it. Due to the starting bonus in the form of a gondola, a diesel locomotive and a sawmill, you can start without investments. It is interesting to play and the elements of strategy give a lot of advantages to this project.

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