Railtravel Cashout Game

It is profitable to invest money, to do practically nothing and to make a stable profit is quite real if you know where to invest your capital.

Professionals invest serious money in forex, stocks, creating any projects, but this requires large amounts, what to do to those who have several thousand or even hundreds of rubles?

You can make contributions to investment games. To date, many interesting game services have been created, such as the game with the Railtravel money withdrawal. After registering in this game, you will definitely not think about where to invest the money, since here you can scroll any amount profitably.

Railtravel Cashout Game

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Earnings with the Railtravel game

Each player on this project becomes the owner of the depot in which the freight trains are located. For registration give one train worth 100 rubles, and he transports 510 goods per hour.

Every 250 units of goods is 1 silver, and 100 silver is 1 ruble. A small profit, but in the system there are no payment points and money is easy to withdraw.

When you first replenish the balance give a bonus of 50%, use this to buy more profitable trains.

Playing and earning with Railtravel is easy. After registration, buy one of the types of trains, depending on the starting capital:

Railtravel Cashout Game

Each train will carry goods, and you must sometimes go to the warehouse to collect them:

Railtravel Cashout Game

After collecting the goods, go to the section "Write a check" to receive payment for the work done:

Railtravel Cashout Game

From the amount of silver 90 % goes to the account for withdrawal and only 10% goes to the balance for purchases.

If you decide to leave the game, you can sell any trains and withdraw all the money from the system.

It was pleasantly pleased that Railtravel has a lot of interesting things. For example, you can play simple gambling games or collect various bonuses at certain time intervals:

Railtravel Cashout Game

You cannot earn big money on bonuses, and the funds are sent to the account for purchases, However, it is quite possible to gain cheap formulations. In addition, there are separate bonuses for investors and partners, but this will have to replenish the account or attract referrals.

One payment system is connected to the game - this is a Payeer, so only through it you can replenish the balance and withdraw money from the game.

Over 9000 users already play on Railtravel and often withdraw money to their wallets:

Railtravel Cashout Game

Your nickname can also be in this statistics, go through the usual registration, invest a small amount and get passive profits. While you think and doubt, someone is already making good money.

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