Raffle 500 000 rubles for Taxi Money and bonuses

Thousands of users who have already managed to buy cars there, work in the city, participate in races, collect bonuses and attract referrals make money every day from the Taxi Money game.

Right now you can register for this project and you will not regret it, because the administration has launched a big competition.

The drawing of 500 000 rubles is held in honor of the fact that the project has turned 500 days. The date is not so serious, but the organizers believe that this is only the beginning of the road to success.

For 500 days, they honestly withdraw money, add new features, give out bonuses and help people make money easily.

Raffle 500 000 rubles for Taxi Money and bonuses

Manage to win 50,000 rubles!

From October 4, each player can get a bonus by earning in the city of Taxi Money. They need to fulfill orders in order to receive additional money, and if they are lucky, they will pay 100 rubles for the order.

You do not need to do anything new, just buy a license and take up orders, if you're lucky, a special alert will appear.

The contest will last only 5 days , you need to have time to complete as many orders as possible during this time. The fund has 500,000 rubles, but prizes 124. So that many could get a “piece” from the “big cake” the total amount was divided into several parts:

Raffle 500 000 rubles for Taxi Money and bonuses

Takes part in the competition every player who is lucky when fulfilling an order and will be credited with 100 rubles.

This is a kind of pass ticket that can be obtained for orders of any type (elite, hack, regular order). Won money is credited to the balance in the city, how to use it, decide for yourself.

New bonuses and lottery from Taxi Money

In honor of the round date, the administration decided to encourage everyone who fills up the balance. Bonuses are different, and the larger the amount, the better:

Raffle 500 000 rubles for Taxi Money and bonuses

Such bonuses will be distributed during the week, do not miss a serious opportunity to get a big increase in the deposit.

For example, if you deposit more than 15,000 rubles, you get 17,000 as a gift (30% + level 5 cars). Never before have such generous prizes for recharging account been distributed.

As regards the lottery, this is also a great opportunity to get an impressive amount. Each player can buy tickets from a passenger account or from an electronic wallet to try their luck. Tickets cost 199 rubles, and you can win from 100 to 50 000 rubles:

Raffle 500 000 rubles for Taxi Money and bonuses

If you win money, you can decide where to transfer them (for withdrawal, for purchases, passenger account). In order to remain the winner, it is better to buy several tickets at once, but maybe one will be enough, to win 50,000 rubles .

In the competition for the orders of the city you need to take part right now, there are many prizes, so the chance to win is also great. On Friday, winners will be determined.

Deposit bonuses are distributed until October 11, and the lottery runs until October 18. Manage to take advantage of all this and collect a substantial amount together with the best economic game.

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