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The WebEffector decided to please Runet and announced the beginning of the Race of the Century - RACE "Chasing one Million" !

I just want to say that I did not read the rest of the article necessarily, as the competition will last only 6 days more !!! And the prize fund there is not weak: 1 million rubles and the mass of gadgets from Apple. We are in a hurry to take part in the competition from Webeffector!

If you don’t even manage to enter the top ten winners, no one will deprive you of at least 7% of referral ones.

Race conditions are simple! It takes a little.

  1. Tell your friends about the WebEffector Club. To do this, use your blogs, microblogs, accounts in social networks and forums.
  2. Bring them to the club page. webeffector. ru by your special referral link , which can be obtained here after registration.
  3. Become a successful flight racer whose friends and acquaintances will register from the page club. webeffector. ru and will get any card.
  4. Get a suitcase of money or Apple gadgets - as the most honorable participant with the most number of friends clubbers!
  5. BONUS! Get up to 7% of all expenses of invited users to on account. You can read more about this pleasant NOT trivia here.

TOP of the most successful riders will receive:

1st place - 500 thousand rubles

2nd place - 300 thousand rubles

3 place - 200 thousand rubles

4-5 places - MacBookAir

6-10 places - iPad 3 New

Warning! Sales of club cards WebFector will start today, December 17, the Race will last five days. Hurry up to attract the most participants in the Webeffector. Moreover, the quality of service allows it 🙂

All promotional materials on the contest page.


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