Quite a major update Rookee - Profit Hunter

Not so long ago, Rookee - a fairly well-known automated promotion system in RuNet - announced a large-scale update of the service feature set. For those who do not know, I remind you that Rookee allows you to automatically purchase fairly high-quality links in all popular reference exchanges. Throughout its existence, the service periodically supplemented the list of available functions, so that this time we had every reason to expect something at least interesting.

Quite a major update Rookee - Profit Hunter

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What are the main innovations that have occurred this time?

First of all, you can probably distinguish two points. First, a more flexible donor filtering system, which allows the user to customize the screening of garbage sites to his own taste - in particular, based on the presence / absence of hidden links and support for CSS. Secondly - the generation of linkless text links. As is known, the presence of such an industry as SEO has long ceased to be a secret even for the most remote from this topic of Internet inhabitants, and even well-placed keys can cause irritation, so that the reference mass is diluted with alternative words like "here", "here", β€œhere” will at least make the links more natural. Not to mention the more technical aspects, such as the introduction of diversity in the anchor list.

Other updates are less radical, but also work to improve promotion.

The relink assistant will give recommendations on how best to relink the pages of the site. Moreover, this is done not from the bay-service - the service searches the keyword within the site using Yandex, selects the most relevant pages and bases its recommendations on this. As a result, this makes it possible not only to reasonably distribute the static weight between pages, but also to increase its value for the site as a whole.

Changes were also made to the content counting algorithm β€” webmasters will no longer be able to create the appearance of content by punching alt attributes in pictures. Link texts are also not taken into account, so the system now more accurately displays the amount of real content on the site and provides optimizers with more accurate information. Another new feature from the same opera is the possibility to check it for affiliates, that is, sites that do not provide the visitor with any fundamentally new information in comparison with other sites of the same owner. Accordingly, if the site has affiliated resources, then with its promotion problems may arise.

Against the background of all this, other updates, such as the return of Yandex update statistics and the ability to replenish the balance in the system through a QIWI wallet, are pleasant, but still small things.

In general, with its latest update, Rookee shows that its owners have a reasonable attitude to market changes and the realities of the SEO industry and are not too lazy to do new things even when the old, it would seem, is enough.

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