Quick and easy creation of your encyclopedia

At least once in a lifetime, every Internet user had to visit the Wikipedia website.

This virtual encyclopedia contains a huge amount of information about almost everything. The project was not funded by anyone and it was filled with ordinary people, over time, its base has grown greatly and the organizers raised enough funds to support them with donations.

Anyone can launch their own website with a similar interface and design. After the owners of Wikipedia have collected a huge amount, it is not surprising that the number of requests "How to create a Wiki site" has increased.

With any knowledge, you can start and maintain an information site, and even if it does not become as famous as Wikipedia, the money will still come from it.

Quick and easy creation of your encyclopedia

No engines and learning HTML, you can get a ready-made wiki resource in a few minutes and absolutely free. For this purpose, special services have been created, which we will now tell you about.

With the help of online services, you can also launch full-fledged sites, for example, on Ucoz or Fo.

All wiki sites are designed in a simple way, their main purpose is to transfer information . Therefore, services to create such resources every day becomes more and more. Here are the best:

  • - to create a website through this system you will use the same engine that was used to create Wikipedia. Everything is very simple and you can create encyclopedias on various topics.
  • - The Wikia site was created by the same people who worked on Wikipedia. Here you can also quickly launch your wiki resource, as well as take a collective part in the development of other people's encyclopedias.
  • - a project called Babylon allows you to get a ready resource in a few minutes. You can create a wiki page or help other people develop. Conveniently, a preview of the future page appears on the test site.
  • is a foreign resource, therefore it is somewhat more difficult to use it. On the other hand, more beautiful sites are created through it. Understand the interface and get an encyclopedia with a shell similar to Wikidot.
Quick and easy creation of your encyclopedia

With all these tools, creating a wiki site is easier than ever , and even a beginner can figure it out easily. The most difficult thing about this is to create a lot of content, with which the encyclopedia will later be filled.

If among these projects you did not find anything suitable, go to this

. There are all the engines for creating wiki sites.

If you promote your encyclopedia well, you can make good money only through advertising. Of course, it will be a small platform with a simple design, but it is much easier to accompany it. And if you have conceived to "conquer the Internet", then create a blog, there are more serious prospects.

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