Quality site traffic. How to evaluate the quality of site traffic?

To correctly evaluate any site, you need to consider as many parameters as possible. To consider the quality of traffic, you need to allocate the most time, as there are a lot of factors by which it can be checked.

The quality of site traffic is evaluated by 11 different indicators. For example, if you decide to buy a site, you definitely need to make sure that site visitors are real people. In this article we will present you with several criteria by which you can assess the quality of the traffic of any resource.

Quality site traffic. How to evaluate the quality of site traffic?

  1. Attendance is the first and most important factor. Large TIC indicators, good positions and high-quality reference mass may not bring the site much benefit in terms of traffic, so this indicator is extremely important.
  2. Traffic sources - preferably search traffic. There are many other normal sources, many webmasters use cheats, but in this case the quality of traffic is too low.
  3. Demography - each statistics service collects data on the location of site visitors. It is also an important indicator that is useful for advancing geo-dependent queries.
  4. Loyalty - this indicator indicates the percentage of visitors who return to the site. For commercial resources, the optimal percentage of returns 30-40%, if your site is lower, you should think about improving the site.
  5. Login pages are the pages from which users come to the site. Such pages need to be carefully analyzed and taken as an example. It is important that these pages do not have a high yield.
  6. Exit pages - you probably already guessed what these pages are. After switching to them, most visitors leave the resource. It needs to be corrected, improve these pages.
  7. Keywords - by what requests do users come to your site? If they coincide with the keys from your semantic core, this is good, and if they do not match, it means that the core was not composed correctly.
  8. Conversion is the main indicator that affects the site’s revenues. It shows how many visitors performed the actions that bring you profit. This may be an order of goods, click on advertising or buying something in the affiliate program.
  9. Views - as well as attendance, this factor is taken into account by search engines. Depending on the structure and type of site, the optimal number of views may be different.
  10. Failure rate - this indicator represents the percentage of visitors who visited your site using a link, did not make a single transition, and were on the page for less than 15-30 seconds and closed the page.
  11. Visiting time is one of the behavioral factors considered by search engines. Again, you can’t name specific numbers, since sites are different, but if a visitor spends a lot of time on a resource, this is definitely good.

Quality site traffic. How to evaluate the quality of site traffic?

With the help of these factors, everyone will be able to correctly assess the quality of traffic from any site . A full audit of a resource does not do without checking its traffic, and by carrying out such checks, you can find out in which direction you need to improve the project.

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