Quality promotion with perpetual links, reference mass

A huge number of users interested in the activities of webmasters are confident that success in this matter is not difficult. Yes, to create a site in our time is not so difficult, because there are CMS, many companies, as well as free designers, but it must be remembered that in addition to creating a site, you will have to do promotion.

As practice shows, precisely because of the lack of promotion, many projects cease to function, and beginner webmasters are disappointed to leave the sphere of earnings on their own websites.

There are quite a few ways to influence the development of your own site, and one of the best is building up a link mass. Qualitative promotion of perpetual links is a complex process that will require a certain amount of time and money.

All efforts and wasted money may be lost in vain, if not competently build up the reference mass.

Quality promotion with perpetual links, reference mass

Eternal links are the basis for website promotion

Before we talk about buying links of high quality, I would like to draw your attention to the advisability of buying eternal links . The duration of the functioning of the eternal links corresponds to the life of the site itself, and the long placement of the link gives it naturalness.

Search engines try to deal with artificially building up the link mass, besides the eternal links transfer more weight, most experienced optimizers are sure of this.

To buy eternal links, you need to use the most popular services, because they best control the processes of buying and selling. In addition, using the most popular services, you get a larger base of sites from which you can choose the appropriate options.

Quality promotion with perpetual links, reference mass

Now let's consider which donor websites are best suited for link placement:

  • thematic matching with your resource;
  • non-zero indicators;
  • attendance of over 100 users per day;
  • unique content;
  • a large number of pages indexed;
  • no high concentration of external links;
  • the site’s age is six months;
  • would be excellent if the site is in popular directories (for example, DMOZ).

Be picky about the sites you intend to use for getting external links. And also do not forget about the gradual increase in the reference mass for young resources. If your site is not more than 6 months old, and there are no external links, start gradually building them up, getting 2-5 links per day.

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